DocuLex adds workflow to WebSearch content management

ECMPlus – DocuLex has added customised workflow capability to DocuLex Archive Studio’s WebSearch, equipping organizations with decision-making power via automation of any business process through systematic workflow.

According to the company, the program’s new intelligent “decision engine” organises project information, orchestrates flow to each staffer involved, notifies them of action needed and documents their information revisions and additions. The end result is project simplification with time and cost conservation.

WebSearch is browser-based, document management software for collaboration, email archiving and compliance, knowledge management and records retention. The program was developed for use throughout a business’s operations to enable secure content access from any location with convenience of use that is similar, yet easier, than an Internet search engine. Searches may be performed using document specific meta data descriptions, full text content, as well as date ranges, search history, search lists and saved searches.

Driven by a convenient dashboard display featuring the program’s functions menu, WebSearch provides users the ability to share and amend native format documents, while organizing and tracking each amended version. The program’s WorkSpace enables users to group sets of documents together to be shared with colleagues, and a discussion feature has been added for users to comment on document’s content. The SharePortal function of WorkSpace enables users with the ability to securely share documents with 3rd party guests.

Documents of any file type may be uploaded directly to WebSearch, indexed (with additional document identifying metadata added remotely if necessary) for native format storage and ease of access. The Active Directory integration enables heightened security and user permission access and tracking. The program manages multiple levels of security, including Organization, Community, Group, Users, as well as individual files. Document and user activity tracking logs are always available, assisting in compliance of privacy laws including SEC, FINRA (NASD / NYSE), GLBA, HIPAA, FRCP, FERC and Sarbanes Oxley.


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