FatWire reports 78% licence revenue growth

Customer wins, existing customer reinvestment and innovation drive success

 ECMPlus – FatWire has just revealed its first half of 2010 financial results, which sees the  company making strong revenue increases coupled with double-digit operating profitability for the first two quarters of 2010.

According to the company, the first half of 2010 saw its global license revenue grow by 78 percent from H1 2009, including multiple seven-figure deals. FatWire said that its first half success was due to ‘significant new customer wins’, including Administaff, Scotia Capital, Sephora, Total Oil, Universidad de Valencia, Vodafone Hutchinson Australia, and others, as well as reinvestments from existing customers such as Aena (Spanish Airport Authority), Aircell, Barclays, Bankwest, Grupo Santander, and NTT BJ (Japanese Yellow Pages), among others.

FatWire stated further strong product delivery in the first half of the year, offering innovative solutions for online customer engagement and interactive marketing.

First half 2010 product deliverables included:

  • Two new social computing products:
  • FatWire Gadget Server enables organizations to enhance customer loyalty and engagement via personalized gadget dashboards for site visitors, and is based on the OpenSocial / Google gadget standard. The product also offers gadget-based syndication of content to third-party sites to drive brand awareness and site traffic.
  • FatWire Community Server offers user-generated content (UGC) features with enterprise class moderation for FatWire sites and capabilities for UGC reuse. The product enables organizations to provide an interactive experience to site visitors and to manage social capabilities to business requirements.
  • The FatWire Web Experience Management (WEM) Framework is an open platform that enables easy integration of third-party applications into the FatWire suite. The WEM Framework offers standards-based interfaces to easily extend the FatWire WEM environment to support marketing and customer experience goals. FatWire also launched a new Technology Partner Program to help partners build applications, based on the WEM Framework, that integrate with the FatWire suite.
  • A new integration with Google Analytics helps organisations accelerate website optimization using this popular analytics package.

FatWire said it had seen rapid returns from its strategic partnership with EMC, announced earlier this year, meeting aggressive Q2 goals for joint product deliverables in web experience management and brand management, including:

  • The release of FatWire Content Integration Platform 2.0, offering automated web content retention and retrieval for FatWire sites in the Documentum system.
  • The FatWire Digital Asset Management Solution including the newest release of EMC Documentum® Media WorkSpace, EMC Documentum Digital Asset Manager, and EMC Documentum Content Transformation Services, enabling marketers to easily and effectively work with rich media in multi-channel marketing campaigns.

“We are seeing tremendous enthusiasm from both new and existing customers in partnering with FatWire, and we are thrilled by the results they are able to achieve working with our solutions,” said Yogesh Gupta, President and CEO of FatWire Software. “Through our rapid innovation and product delivery we continue to drive our business momentum and extend FatWire’s leadership in this market.”


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