Firm proffers LuraDocument PDF Compressor for InputAccel

Document scanning in black and white versus colour ‘no longer an issue’
ECMPlus – LuraTech has expanded its portfolio to include the new LuraDocument PDF Compressor Module for InputAccel, which has a fully integrated interface to the InputAccel capture platform.
According to the company, the LuraDocument PDF Compressor enables InputAccel users to create high quality colour PDF and PDF/A files that require little storage space, with minimal adaptation to current scan processes. Businesses will benefit from greater optimisation of all aspects of input management, resulting in improved productivity and significant cost savings – making it an ideal solution for the market.  
“The introduction of the LuraDocument PDF Compressor Module for InputAccel to our portfolio will bring considerable business benefits to InputAccel users and further position LuraTech as leaders in the UK document conversion market” said Gary Hodkinson, managing director of LuraTech.
Luratech further stated that one of the major challenges that businesses currently face when scanning is whether documents should be scanned in colour or black and white, because scanning documents in colour places a greater load on the network and requires a significantly larger storage space than just black and white. In an attempt to reduce these demands, companies will often opt to capture documents in only black and white, thus losing the benefits of retaining the original appearance of the document and the subsequent faster on-screen interpretation by end-users.
The company added that the introduction of the LuraDocument PDF Compressor Module for InputAccel now made the question of scanning in colour or black and white irrelevant for InputAccel scanning applications.
After scanning, the solution first separates incoming images into text, background and foreground layers and creates a highly compressed colour PDF.  This produces scalable, high-quality colour images that require minimal storage space.   Added to this, InputAccel can also receive the pure text image from the integrated PDF Compressor module; it then classifies the image and extracts the data using Optical Character Recognition (OCR).   The recognition rates of the OCR processes are significantly increased as all the disruptive elements have been removed from the text image by the earlier segmentation process.
The firm believes that their solution greatly reduced the effort and expense of manual correction of the OCR results. Subsequent correction stations, archive exports or other downstream systems also benefit from highly compressed colour images which are used for full-text search. There is also the option of adding metadata to the entire document or individual pages. For added convenience, bookmarks can be placed in the PDF document and the solution also offers support for water-mark, encryption and decoding.

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