Eversheds taps Trovus for web intelligence

Trovus enables teams to grow based on accurate web visitor profiles

ECMPlus – Trovus, the intelligence-based web visitor profiling corporation, has just inked a new contract with law firm Eversheds.

According to Trovus, their Eversheds’ deal will be provide support for the law firm’s business development and marketing operations.

The Trovus package deal is intended to assist the law firm in identifying behavioural and ‘buying signals’ from their web intelligence about clients and prospects.

Trovus added that their solution also enables Eversheds to identify potential clients whose interest ‘was previously unknown to them’.

The company stated that the large volume of information already gathered is supporting Eversheds’ business development teams in their engagement with fee earners, along with marketing campaigns, such as client communications and search engine optimisation.

The deal for the law firm also integrates with its customer relationship management CRM systems and processes, the company noted.

According to Trovus, Eversheds uses the InterAction CRM system from LexisNexis, which is designed for professional services organisations.

In a statement, Trovus said its offering would ‘closely integrates with the InterAction CRM to allow customers to match Trovus’s rich data profiling of website visitors with customer records held in the InterAction system, helping organisations build a deeper, more complete picture of the companies that visit their website and the relationship history that lies behind these visits.’

 “At Eversheds, we pride ourselves on being innovative and a key element of that is maximising our understanding and use of web intelligence. Trovus is strategically important to us in not only gathering this intelligence but also in helping us turn it into actionable information for business development and marketing purposes,” said Gareth Pezzack, head of marketing of Eversheds in the UK. “Effective gathering and interpretation of web intelligence is critical to the future of our business. It will deliver many benefits to Eversheds, helping us to plan business-led future communications with clients and prospects, while understanding current customers better. It also means we can prioritise and allocate resources much more effectively,” he added. “We were delighted to be selected by Eversheds, particularly as they spoke to and took up references with our customers to understand our approach and the benefits that can be realised,” said Caspar Craven, Co-founder and Director of Trovus. “The Eversheds contract is testament to the importance of our consulting capabilities as well as our web intelligence tools.”

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