ERP player tackles SAP certification

SAP AG Headquarters, Walldorf.

SAP making it happen via QIS

Certification for enterprise manufacturing from QiSOFT – by Paul Quigley – SAP certification has been awarded to Leyland based QiSOFT for a new browser-based version of its enterprise manufacturing intelligence software suite, QIS – ERP1.0.

The new version was developed using the SAP NetWeaver technology platform and it fully integrates with the QiSOFT software and other third party systems through SAP XI/SAP PI interfaces.

“In developing the browser version, we have responded to a growing need from SAP customers who seek integration throughout the enterprise. We are offering customers the best of both worlds, combining the stable and functionally rich QiSOFT manufacturing suite with the lean, swift-to-deploy browser version. Customers can make use of the full manufacturing application suite where it makes sense to do so alongside the browser-based version,” says Tim Perris, business development manager. 

“Data can be collected manually or automatically from the process and laboratory and instantly transformed into rich information for analysis and site or enterprise-wide reporting.”

As part of the SAP online solutions directory, QIS ERP 1.0 allows for rapid, cost-effective implementation and is attractive to companies with moderate data needs without investing in costly infrastructure. The QiSOFT mission is to deliver higher and more consistent levels of quality for manufacturers by the gathering, interpretation and clear reporting of data on key process parameters for effective and timely management action. Manufacturing applications arise in food and beverage, pulp and paper, chemical, consumer packaged goods, paints and coatings and textiles.

The ability of QIS software to interpret large volumes of data has also led to the technology attracting wider interest from areas such as law enforcement, healthcare and drug diversion.

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