Intranets get collaborative, go mobile

Interact Intranet Version 4.6 boasts collaborative features and mobile accessibility – by Paul Quigley – Interact Intranet Version 4.6: New powerful collaborative features and mobile accessibility – Interact, has announced the availability of Interact Version 4.6. Version 4.6 includes a number of additional enhancements and new capabilities that offer a very attractive employee workspace and addresses an increasing demand for advanced collaborative features within the Enterprise.

Enhancements to the staff directory include powerful enterprise networking features increasing cross company collaboration by allowing businesses to take advantage of the social dimension of work and engage employees. It actively promotes internal communication, collaboration, idea sharing and cross participation by using facebook/linkedin style micro posts and news feeds. Staff can post their ideas, sites and documents, submit suggestions to each other, comment on others ideas and suggestions as well as view what a another staff member is working on via their status update. This can increase productivity by giving users a method for receiving fast, efficient answers to their questions.

Another key development is the launch of Interact Mobile. People increasingly expect ‘anytime anyplace’ access and The Jacob Nielsen ‘10 Best Intranets of 2010’ report advocates the provision of separate sites for mobile devices.

Commenting on this development, Nigel Danson, Managing Director at Interact, said:

“Many organisations have non-office based employees or workers that spend a considerable amount of time on the move. Without fast, easy access to important information these workers may find it difficult to keep in touch with vital company developments or make sound business judgments. Having instant access to accurate information is particularly important if information and documentation changes frequently. This can often be the case with product pricing and promotions.

“Interact Mobile can easily be used to communicate and collaborate with colleagues by allowing users to update their status, and contribute to document or blog comments”

Mobile users can access information such as HTML documents, uploaded files, documents that provide hyperlinks, blogs, and the Staff Directory. It has a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for non technical users to get critical information on the move. The interface has been carefully optimised for handheld mobile devices and can be used on many types of smartphones and PDAs, running platforms such as Windows Mobile, RIM BlackBerry, Apple iPhone and the Android Smartphone.

Version 4.6 has extended Interact’s Clever Linker feature. Clever Linker enables users to easily create links to intranet objects – such as documents, events, blogs, discussions, and forms – without needing to know the object’s URL. This popular tool has now been expanded to work in many other areas of Interact, such as the top menu, sections or homepage site menus, or document attachments. Links are easy to create and maintain, and integrate with the Interact security platform. They are also automatically cleaned up on deletion of content.

“This latest Interact release delivers to our customers a range of clever and sophisticated features with enhanced collaborative tools to improve productivity, collaboration, communication and knowledge management” said Nigel Danson, Managing Director, Odyssey Interactive Ltd, “Importantly the introduction of these advanced features is not at the expense of ease of use – Interact remains the most intuitive and user-centric intranet available resulting in rapid user adoption and faster ROI”.

An Enterprise Edition of Interact 4.6 is available for larger organisations with a national, international or group structure. Organisations with offices in multiple countries or locations often have different policies, guidelines and knowledge based on their local laws or marketplace. Interact Enterprise Edition will help them better manage their intranet and be able to serve all staff needs.

Interact 4.6 is also available in a Retail Edition which supports a new sub-license model which provides a cost effective way for occasional users to have full access to all intranet features.

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