Six of the best from Contensis in Web 2.0 CMS play

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Firm throws down gauntlet to rivals

ECMPlus – by Paul Quigley — One Web CMS provider has just achieved a release that its developers believe will see take-up explode.

According to the latest version of the Contensis web CMS boast, a range of new features put it at the cutting-edge of the content management market, the company said, and throws down the gauntlet to its competitors.

Contensis’ new ‘R6’ release proffers new features and pricing, including multimedia controls for inserting streaming media, galleries and slideshows into pages.

R6 supports social networking and integrates Google Apps accounts using a single sign-on for both the website and Google accounts.

R6 also boasts a module to deploy sites in multiple languages and even with multiple dialects of those languages.

R6 can also deploy any Web 2.0 features such as blogs, fora and commenting.

Chief Technical Officer of Contensis creators, Genetics Ltd, Richard Chivers, commented: “Given that content is the whole point of a CMS, it’s crucial that the people who maintain that content have as many easy-to-use tools at their fingertips as possible. Our focus with Contensis R6 is to remove the traditional roadblocks to making enhancements to a site, such as having to wait for designer or developer input when adding advanced features, like RSS Feeds, or streaming media. We’ve ensured that content managers can now just drop this kind of content into their page and move on to their next task. It makes a huge difference.”

He went on: “If you’re familiar with Contensis you can install, configure and deploy an entirely new site within 15 minutes. We actually do that in demonstrations – it’s not a just a theory or empty boast.

“Of course for newcomers from a development viewpoint there is a learning curve, but that learning curve is vastly less than for equivalent products. A developer familiar with .NET would grasp all that’s needed in no time at all. Our experience tells us that with three days training for the devs, they can have an entire new site, with galleries, streaming media, blogs, and more up just a day after getting to work. When potential customers compare that to the competition they’re always blown away. Because of this we’ve had clients move their existing platforms off PHP and onto .NET, just so that they could use Contensis – although another new feature of R6 is the ability to deploy to any platform, using languages such as PHP, for example.”

A demo of the new controls gallery can be seen at

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