Vamosa launches WebWorxx 14-day trial

User Experience diagram

Web Experience Management - the user perspective - Picture: Paul Veugen

Web experience management free trial transforms performance of web properties

ECMPlus – Vamosa is offering a new 14-day trial of WebWorxx. Users can provide the URL of any website to be crawled and the trial can be accessed here.

WebWorxx is a software-as-a-service solution for web teams, allowing them to collaborate on web optimization and enhancing their productivity. It monitors websites on a daily basis to track web properties and focuses the web team on key problem areas. WebWorxx powerful, collaborative dashboard allows delegation by web teams to content owners to resolve problems.

WebWorxx crawls the website content and analyzes the performance based on set policy areas including accessibility, brand compliance, search engine optimization, link cohesion, HTML and language. Users registering for the free trial will receive a site report and be invited to log into the account to view the results. Vamosa’s NALA & EMEA support teams will work with you during the trial period to advise on configuration and optimizing the tool.

Ger Burns, VP of Software Tools at Vamosa said: “Management of web content and site optimization is a challenge faced by any organization with a website – external or internal. The 14-day trial of WebWorxx is designed to give web teams an insight into how they can simplify this process and provide each member of the team with a personalized portal to review progress within their area of ownership.”

WebWorxx is an ‘out of the box’ solution that is set up with 63 policies. The client has control over which of these policies should be implemented through a user-friendly dashboard.

Burns added: “In our experience, many organizations’ approach to web operations is incoherent, because typically web teams are distributed widely over different departments, job functions and geographies. The result is that broken links and accessibility issues which exist on the same web page, may be dealt with by different people using different tools at different times. WebWorxx is the first tool to bring teams together to collaborate, enhancing overall productivity and reducing costs.”

To try it all out for a free 14-day period, check out this link:

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