Why Dell outflanking HP in 3Par tussle matters

Michael Dell

Dell boy does data - Picture: Joi

Storage battles spiral into the clouds

ECMPlus.com – by Paul Quigley — Dell’s imminent victory over HP in the bidding war for storage firm 3Par is a definite throwing down of the gauntlet to the big storage players most notably EMC and the big iron players.

If shareholders agree to the marginal Dell overbid, then HP is left with little to show in the upcoming cloud battles, whilst Dell, with its recent acquisition of EqualLogic already well under its belt is upping the ante in the private cloud space, despite the fact that organisations can already tap EC2 architecture from the like of amazon if they need it.

Suffice it to say, this new focus on strorage as a differentiator is a novel twist in the behemoths’n battles – given that open source, SaaS and content are now the biggest plays in town. As the saying goes, and as with storage, size isn’t everything.


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