Swiss solves SharePoint size through shrinkage

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Swiss going up in the world

balesio releases FILEminimizer for SharePoint

ECMPlus – by Paul Quigley — balesio AG has released FILEminimizer SharePoint, an integrated optimizer based on its FILEminimizer technology to slash file storage volumes on SharePoint.

According to the Swiss firm, FILEminimizer SharePoint cuts down on the size of images and Office files, usually popular files shared via SharePoint, by an average of 70 percent through its content-aware, native optimization processes.

Unlike .LZ and .ZIP file compression, FILEminimizer optimisation preserves the original file format leading not only to enormous storage savings on SharePoint but also to significant performance improvement of the optimized, smaller files, balesio said.

FILEminimizer SharePoint is a plug-in for SharePoint which is centrally-monitoring the upload of files to SharePoint.

balesio said the plug-in also defines the optimisation rules and criteria to be applied and triggers the native file optimisation of uploaded files before they are stored in the SharePoint database. The optimization process itself can easily be outsourced to a dedicated server in order not to consume too much resources of the SharePoint server. The entirely transparent optimization process takes place in the normal Microsoft SharePoint workflow and is invisible to end users.

balesio CEO Daniel Bernard said: “We developed FILEminimizer SharePoint to offer SharePoint administrators a solution to significantly reduce the data volume…”

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