3Par tug-of-war not over until fat lady sings

This is an image of the original HP logo as fi...

HP back for more

Squabble turned tiff spiralling into boardroom bun-fight

by Paul Quigley

ECMPlus — Just when you thought it was safe to assume Michael Dell’s boys had won the day in the tug-o-war love tussle against Hewlett-Packard, it has been reported that HP is not done yet.

According to sources close to California-based storage bellwether 3Par, which has yet to make a profit, the deal with Dell has been put on ice once more as the new suitor gets another go to match the $2 billion valuation the unprofirable storage firm can now command. While other data storage players such as Compellent are already strong in the space, they are currently not open to outside buyout offers, hence the interest in 3Par, as is had indicated it was ‘available’ a Dell source said on Friday last. If HP does manage to pip Dell at the post, the upshot for the loser will be uncertain as PC sales worldwide decline and the move to cloud-based storage increases exponentially. In a recent report on data storage by GRC Analytics, the market for data storage in private and public cloud is set to top $10 billion by 2012.

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