Document management ditches desktop for cloud vaults

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Cloud vaults topple desktop hegemony

M-Files cloud vault hosted document management replaces Windows folders with user-defined keywords and tags

ECMPlus – BY PAUL QUIGLEY – Motive Systems has launched M-Files Cloud Vault, a new version of M-Files document management, which proffers info- and DM on secure servers hosted by Motive Systems for less than $20 per month per user.

According to the company, the hosted SaaS version of M-Files requires no set-up and offers advanced document management features such as automated versioning management, document check-in and check-out, compatibility with email systems, and automated processing of scanned paper documents.

M-Files Cloud Vault also promises fast search, secure user-access permissions, email and attachments, and offline use.

Motive Systems said it aimed to make efficient office management accessible to any business, especially smaller businesses.

“We think it’s high time that mainstream Windows users had access to a smart and simple solution for managing important business documents,” said Greg Milliken, president of Motive Systems. “Our M-Files technology sets the standard in high-value document management, and M-Files Cloud Vault builds on our unrivaled foundation of ease of use by eliminating the need to purchase or set up a server. A key to a successful implementation of a solution like this is fast and broad user adoption, and that’s where we excel. Using M-Files is just like using Windows Explorer, so it’s second nature to be instantly productive with M-Files.”

M-Files eliminates traditional Windows folders. Instead, users open from, and save to, the M-Files Vault. Documents are simply classified as a common type, such as an invoice, proposal, message/email, agreement, etc., and a descriptive tag or two is added, and that’s it. And with M-Files Cloud Vault, the vault is hosted in the cloud, accessible from anywhere. Finding a file is as simple as typing in a descriptive tag or performing a full-text search right from the Open or Save dialog box of any Windows application. This is possible due to M-Files’ unique “Virtual-Local” drive technology that allows the cloud-based vault to appear as a local hard drive (the M: drive), in any standard Windows Explorer dialog box, whether online or offline.

The company said that M-Files “Virtual-Local” drive offers performance equivalent to the speed of the local computer regardless of bandwidth – even when no Internet connection is available.

The M-Files “Virtual-Local” drive also has synchronization mechanism that caches data on the computer’s local hard drive and automatically synchronizes data with the cloud-based vault.


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