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Sitecore ramps up revenue growth

Le kiosque de Sitecore

Image by Frédéric Harper via Flickr

Sitecore’s record business performance tops 50% growth

ECMPlus – Web content management company Sitecore has racked up more than 50 percent revenue growth over the last financial year.

According to the firm, new customers in the period include Austrian Airlines, Canadian Cancer Society, CA Technologies, Canon Australia and New Zealand, FANUC Robotics Europe, Heineken, Lloyd’s of London, NIVEA and YouSee.

Sitecore said it had also extended and developed its partnerships with agencies and systems integrators including AKQA, Perficient, Razorfish, SapientNitro and Valtech.

“Customers and partners around the globe continue to adopt Sitecore’s leading technology to power their critical Web properties and deliver compelling Web experiences” commenteed Michael Seifert, CEO at Sitecore. “Our stellar growth is indicative of our commitment to enabling customer and partner success – and providing new innovations across our award-winning product line.”

Sitecore said that its strong financial year performance was driven by product innovation, entering new markets such as Japan and New Zealand, growing interest in marketing automation and personalised Web communications.

The WCM firm also stated that it had increased its workforce to 200 employees worldwide. More than 50 percent of these employees are in technical and R&D positions responsible for supporting continued product innovation.

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OpenOffice forms Document Foundation in wake of Oracle split

Crystal Clear app openoffice

Free as a bird

Open source community of volunteers develop and promote to drive future growth

ECM Plusby Paul Quigley – The community of volunteers who develop and promote, the free office software, has just announced a major change in the project’s structure.

After ten years’ growth with Sun Microsystems as founding and principal sponsor, the project has now launches an independent foundation called “The Document Foundation”, to fulfil the independence written into the original charter.

According to the founders, the new Document Foundation will be the cornerstone of a new ecosystem where individuals and organisations can contribute to and benefit from the availability of a truly free office suite.

The Document Foundation added that it will generate increased competition and choice for the benefit of customers and drive innovation in the office suite market.

From now on, it stated, the community will be known as “The Document Foundation”.

Oracle, who acquired assets as a result of its acquisition of Sun Microsystems, has been invited to become a member of the new Foundation, and donate the brand the community has grown during the past ten years.

Pending this decision, the brand “LibreOffice” has been chosen for the software going forward.

The Document Foundation is the result of a collective effort by leading independent members of the former community, including several project leads and key members of the Community Council. It will be led initially by a Steering Committee of developers and national language projects managers. The Foundation aims to lower the barrier of adoption for both users and developers, to make LibreOffice the most accessible office suite ever.

The Foundation will coordinate and oversee the development of LibreOffice, which is available in beta version at the placeholder site: Developers are invited to join the project and contribute to the code in the new friendly and open environment, to shape the future of office productivity suites alongside contributors who translate, test, document, support, and promote the software.

Speaking for the group of volunteers, Sophie Gautier – a veteran of the community and the former maintainer of the French speaking language project – has declared: “We believe that the Foundation is a key step for the evolution of the free office suite, as it liberates the development of the code and the evolution of the project from the constraints represented by the commercial interests of a single company. Free software advocates around the world have the extraordinary opportunity of joining the group of founding members today, to write a completely new chapter in the history of FLOSS”.

FSF President Richard Stallman welcomed LibreOffice release and its stated policy of only recommending free software. “I’m very pleased that the Document Foundation will not recommend nonfree add-ons, since they are the main freedom problem of the current I hope that the LibreOffice developers and the Oracle-employed developers of OpenOffice will be able to cooperate on development of the body of the code”.

“Viva la LibreOffice”, said Guy Lunardi, product management Director at Novell. “We look forward to working with the Document Foundation to help develop a solid open source document software offering. Ultimately, we envision LibreOffice do for the office productivity market what Mozilla Firefox has done for browsers”.

Jan Wildeboer, EMEA Open Source Affairs at Red Hat, has commented: “All over the world, users, companies and governments are moving to innovative technology solutions based on Open Standards. Red Hat is proud to join this effort”.

Mark Shuttleworth, founder and major shareholder of Canonical, the makers of Ubuntu, has declared: “Office productivity software is a critical component of the free software desktop, and the Ubuntu Project will be pleased to ship LibreOffice from The Document Foundation in future releases of Ubuntu. The Document Foundation’s stewardship of LibreOffice provides Ubuntu developers an effective forum for collaboration around the code that makes Ubuntu an effective solution for the desktop in office environments”.

The Document Foundation is an independent self-governing democratic Foundation created by leading members of the former Community. It continues to build on the foundation of ten years’ dedicated work by the community, and was created in the belief that an independent Foundation is the best fit to the Community’s core values of openness, transparency, and valuing people for their contribution. It is open to any individual who agrees with our core values and contributes to our activities, and welcomes corporate participation, e.g. by sponsoring individuals to work as equals alongside other contributors in the community.

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Final Cut add-ons right on cue for newsrooms

Final Cut and Shake Boxes

Final Cut and Shake Boxes: Picture - camknows

DiaQuest cues up QueManager for Apple Final Cut Server 1.5 newsroom systems

ECM Plusby Paul Quigley – Diaquest has introduced QueManager, an add-on that provides a graphics order management system for Apple Final Cut Server 1.5 in newsroom applications.

According to DiaQuest, the new version offers access to tools for asset searches and browsing, as well as order requests, job assignment, review and approval, and publishing.

 QueManager also provides a web-based order system that can be integrated with iNews or ENPS newsroom computer systems via plug-ins.

DiaQuest said that asset searches and order requests are also done from the QueManager plug-in or via a web browser. The system can also be set up to operate on deadlines or a broadcast schedule, as well as being able to coordinate multiple stations within one system. It is also able to automatically deliver approved graphics. Assets can also be automatically transcoded and delivered to a variety of output devices.

QueManager also supports several broadcast CG systems, including Avid TitleDeko HD, Pixel Power, Chyron and others.

QueManager can be setup to import Artbox databases and assets for a transition. and provides for new workflow that use Final Cut Server, as well as integration with XSAN and other centralised storage systems.

It also supports image sequences, editorial applications, and a wide range of codecs.

DiaQuest said that QueManager with Final Cut Server can replace proprietary asset management systems. The system also provides cross-platform support, so it can manage any mix of desktop clients in the newsroom and creative areas.

“Final Cut Server offers digital asset management with workflow management for broadcast at an attractive price point for broadcasters” commented David Van Hoy, President of Diaquest. “Our new QueManager adds the OMS to make Final Cut Server an indispensible tool for newsroom graphics. QueManager simplifies searches and order requests, allows you to prioritize those requests, and then delivers approved assets to the CG for broadcast automatically.”

QueManager is available for $20,000, including installation, plus $5,000 for Avid iNews or ENPS integration.

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Knowledge management does the SharePoint shuffle

The Diagram describes the 3 main components ne...

Venn giants learn to dance

SharePoint 2010 Extension adds LOB data sources to knowledge management and social networking

ECM Plus – Layer2 has just released a new SharePoint aAdd-on that can integrate external data sources such as SQL databases, Exchange, ERP/CRM/CMS or any other LOB systems with SharePoint Knowledge Management and Social Networking features.

According to the Layer2, the newly-released SharePoint Server 2010’s now Collaborative Knowledge Management can be what it calls an ‘organizational intelligence’ in the enterprise.

Layer2 said that managed metadata can also drive navigation, discovery, relation, and re-usability of content, whereby managed metadata provides a common organisational vocabulary and can also link people to social networks.

However, there is a limitation at present. Such features are limited to SharePoint-based data only so far.

Neverrtheless, Layer2’s ‘Business Data List Connector’ integrates any LOB system of the enterprise seamlessly with SharePoint CKM and social features. The Business Data List Connector connects straight to SharePoint lists such as contacts, tasks, events or any other custom list directly to external LOB data using existing ODBC, OLEDB, .NET or specific drivers. Systems like SQL Server, Exchange, MS Office or text files, XML, EDI, Oracle, DB2, Informix, AS400, MySQL, Cache, ERP / CRM systems like MS Dynamics CRM / NAV / AX, SAP,, QuickBooks, Peachtree, HL7, Virtual Store are supported as well as general Web Services, .NET or COM+ objects.

SharePoint lists are updated automatically in background with external data changes. Write-back of modifications made in SharePoint lists to the external data sources is optionally provided, if supported by used driver. All common list features are fully available: Views, RSS newsfeeds, change notifications per email or workflows on external data changes. SharePoint Enterprise Keywords and Managed Metadata columns can be used without any restrictions to tag the list content based on taxonomies for use with knowledge management and social networking features. Additionally an Auto Tagger component provides automatic background categorisation.

Also, Knowledge Management Suite ships with auto- tagger, tag suggestions and advanced metadata navigations The Knowledge Management Suite for SharePoint Server 2010 encourage knowledge workers to take advantage of the new SharePoint 2010 features by making it as easy as possible to tag content and use tags for knowledge browsing, navigation, content discovery and search. The suite consists of several components, e.g. for improved taxonomy management, content based tag suggestions, auto tagger and metadata navigation Web Parts. The Tag Navigation Web Part harvests the value of collaborative tagging by using the SharePoint 2010 managed metadata taxonomy tree directly for content discovery and navigation. The Tag Directory Web Part renders managed metadata as A-Z directory index or enterprise glossary, to alphabetically browse the corporate knowledge. The Related Content Web Part for SharePoint 2010 automatically displays related content context-based by using existing tags, for example related products or services, assigned file downloads, context-driven contact information, tasks, events etc.

The software was develope on the new SharePoint 2010 Server Enterprise Metadata Management API. In cooperation with WAND, a provider of enterprise taxonomies, Layer2 also offers pre-defined taxonomy metadata for SharePoint Server 2010, a library of taxonomies covering a wide range of domains to help jumpstart classification projects. Taxonomy metadata for SharePoint 2010 is currently available for over forty specific topics in thirteen languages.

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Dutch invoke FirstSpirit for content integration

The general entrance of the House of Represent...

Dutch House of Representatives

e-Spirit and TopForce implement  standardized intranet with SAP portal integration for the Dutch.

ECM Plus – The Dutch government is to consolidate its intranet across its ministries with a content management system supplied by FirstSpirit.

According to the company, e-Spirit and system integrator TopForce have been selected to undertake the project work for the integration. The e-Spirit AG software will replace various different legacy systems in the ministries and will be combining content from the IT systems into a central content integration platform.

According to FirstSpirit, t he result will be a unified intranet portal for the nearly 120,000 Dutch government employees that support local, personalised access to all important content, data and applications for the benefit of Dutch people.

The “Rijksportaal” project is being implemented by the portal specialist TopForce and e-Spirit for the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. FirstSpirit and the concept presented jointly by e-Spirit and TopForce stood out during the decision process as the only proposal able to meet the various needs of the Dutch organization. Among the primary reasons for choosing FirstSpirit were the robust SAP NetWeaver portal integration; the open system architecture for integrating such varied external systems as document management systems, and Microsoft SharePoint; and the strikingly superior usability and performance. As a content integration system, FirstSpirit allows users to continue use of SAP portal user roles and thus enables content publishing to target groups, such as those at the ministerial, departmental, or user levels for example. Using the straightforward editor’s interface in the content integration system, portal content can be created and managed by any employee without any prior knowledge of SAP.

“With a Rijksportaal based on FirstSpirit, government employees will in the future have an intranet that uses the “Single Sign-on” principle to efficiently provide all the required applications, data, and documents in a centralized work- and information platform” commented Robert Bredlau, Director of International Business Development at e-Spirit. “We’re very pleased to have acquired, together with TopForce, this important European contract and to have impressed such an elite customer as the Dutch government with our content management and integration solution. This validates the path we have taken, which is based on organic international growth through the cultivation of a competent partner network”.

The next step will be to migrate the two intranets of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, along with all general editorial content, to the FirstSpirit platform. This will be followed by a rollout of the new system in the other ministries.

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Macca moves from Sergeant Pepper to Private Cloud

Photograph of Paul McCartney of the The Beatle...
Macca arrives in NYC in 1964

HP to deliver ex-Beatle Paul McCartney’s digital library via private cloud

ECM Plusby Paul Quigley – HP is to digitize Paul McCartney’s library into a dedicated private cloud for the former Beatle.

According to the company, Macca has a vast libraries of artefacts, which not only comprise of music but also includes images, artwork, paintings, film and videos, as well as masters of some of the most popular songs of modern times. 

During his career, Macca has accumulated iconic imagery, including the cover artwork for the album ‘Band on the Run’.

Hewlett Packard has been commissioned by Macca’s company MCL to digitise the material and design and build a content management system.

McCartney’s library will then be delivered through a private cloud.

Parts of the library will also be made available to fans, HP said, so they can have a personal and unparalleled look into McCartney’s collection.

“I’ve always been interested in creative ideas and new ways of reaching people, so this is a really exciting initiative for me” commented Macca. “I hope it will allow people who might be interested to access parts of our archives they might otherwise not be able to.”

The project is the first time HP has been commissioned in this way.

“Paul McCartney has always been a trendsetter in the music industry and HP has been at the forefront of technology innovation,” said Tom Hogan, executive vice president, Sales, Marketing and Strategy, Enterprise Business, HP.

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Fujitsu’s cloud document management climbs KnowledgeTree

Image representing Daniel Chalef as depicted i...

Daniel Chalef, CEO of KnowledgeTree

KnowledgeTree and Fujitsu unite for bulk scanning with document management

ECMPlus – Cloud-based document management specialists KnowledgeTree has joined forces with Japanese giant Fujitsu to connect bulk scanning and document management.

According to the two firms, KnowledgeTree has also extended its third-party application interface, Hot Folders, to work with Fujitsu’s ScanSnap scanners, that can reduce the incidence of problems sorting and organising paper.

The company also claim that Hot Folder integration with Fujitsu ScanSnap will enable businesses to scan invoices individually or in bulk and directly upload to a repository.

Daniel Chalef, CEO of KnowledgeTree commented: “The KnowledgeTree Hot Folders integration adds logic, organization and process to a seemingly endless well of billing information and invoices. For accounting departments, the combined solution is a bookkeeper’s dream come true.”

“A busy accounting department can deal with hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of documents daily, from invoices to purchase orders to account amendments, and each paper is instrumental in the management of the business” added Jeff Decarlo, senior director of Business Development, Fujitsu Computer Products of America. “Combining powerful scanning and capture technologies from Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners with KnowledgeTree’s online document management system will give businesses an edge on streamlining business operations so they can focus on the core business and not on document management. Companies will gain efficiency, and they’ll be able to access important invoice data anywhere at anytime.”

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Open-source cloud claws way drop by drop

Southern White-faced Scops Owl

SCOP eyes up the bounty. Picture: Drew Avery

Scality Droplet: opening storage cloud with SDK bounty scheme

ECM Plus – Cloud storage specialist Scality plans to open-source its Software Development Kit (SDK) of its patented RING technology.

According to the firm, the move marks what it calls a ‘kickoff incentive’ whereby it is offering contributing developers bounties from a $100,000 fund.

Dubbed the Scality Open Source Program (SCOP), the bounty scheme, Scalify is publishing an open-source library called Scality Droplet, which makes code available for download.

Droplet, the company added, will enable developers to build apps which interface with Scality RING, with Amazon’s S3 API, and more generally, with any object storage technology, on account of Scality RING’s modular design.

Scality RING is used for applications handling very large volumes of user-generated content, such as email in the cloud or social applications, like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, the company said.

Scality Droplet’s library implements common services such as encryption, compression and large file-slicing to let application developers focus on user needs.

The contest or grant opportunity is called the “SCOP Bounty Program,” and it will enable talented developers to apply for $1,000 to $10,000 bounties from a pot of $100,000. To be eligible, the developer’s software application must be built using code freely available from the Scality Droplet library. The submission deadline is November 30, 2010.

“Our vision with SCOP is to make it as easy as possible to develop applications accessing the quality and the robustness of the object-based storage approach,” commented Giorgio Regni, CTO at Scality. “The SCOP program is win-win for all: it allows the industry to benefit from the richness of the developers’ applications while ensuring quality in storage performance and scalability. SCOP will benefit from the contributions of the developer community, and developers will get rewarded for their efforts. Scality RING, which offers a Cloud storage backend that can easily handle mission-critical and carrier-grade applications, will benefit from more applications developed with object storage approach.”

Scality RING also features high-performance SAN with low-cost. unlimited scalability of cloud computing. Scality claims that RING would guarantee storage costs are half that of other SAN- or NAS-based vendors in the same magnitude of performance and reliability. It said that any application that can talk to Amazon’s S3 API can be rolled out with Scality RING.

“The SNIA Cloud Storage Initiative (CSI) industry momentum and membership continues to accelerate with the release of its Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) standard, ongoing interoperability programs, and technical education for data storage as a cloud service” added Wayne Adams, Chairman of the SNIA Board of Directors.  “Scality as a new valued member of SNIA will further advance CSI’s deliverables with their knowledge and expertise in massively-scalable, high performance object-based cloud storage platforms and software developer programs.”

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More breaches signal end to ‘database state’

A medical record folder being pulled from the ...

'Database state' not fit for purpose as breaches continue

Nosy NHS employee accesses patient records 336 times – when will the NHS learn, asks Imperva

ECM Plus – An IT manager for the NHS in Yorkshire has been warned he faces jail after admitting illegally spying on medical records of patients.

Dale Trever was working for a primary care trust as a data quality manager when he accessed patient records.

It is thought he looked at records on 431 occasions, even going in on weekends to have an illicit peek. 

“Dale Trever had been accessing the information between October 2008 and June last year and worryingly has only been caught now” commented security specialist Amichai Shullman. “Just six months ago the NHS were exposed when it was found that as many as 140,000 non-medical staff, including porters and housekeepers, had access to sensitive NHS patient files.”

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Virgin solicits ECM in anti-fraud drive

The inside of a hinge of a folding mobile phone.

Mobile fraud is a major problem

The Content Group rolls out FormScape to slash fraudulent ordering

ECMPlus – by Paul Quigley – Virgin Media has just rolled out Bottomline Technologies’ FormScape in consultation with enterprise content management solutions provider, The Content Group (TCG) to reduce fraudulent mobile phone orders.

Following consultation with The Content Group, Virgin Media implemented a tactical solution to capture and identify potentially fraudulent orders before they were fulfilled by the warehouse and despatched.

FormScape automatically uses Virgin Media’s database to validate purchase details on the ‘pick notes’ through a specific set of criteria, such as ensuring the delivery address is genuine. If the order then fails this criteria test, its progression to the warehouse is stopped and details are sent to the fraud risk team.

Paul Brasset, head of forward logistics at Virgin Media, commented: “By automating our fraud checks, we have achieved better efficiencies and helped reduce fraudulent activity. The Content Group provided us with details as to what the solution should look like, what could be achieved and what technology we should therefore deploy. The result has been a fast and cost-effective solution, which has significantly enhanced our sales order processing. The Content Group’s extensive knowledge and expertise of the solutions available has met all of our requirements perfectly.”

Virgin Media has over three million mobile phone customers and over a thousand outlets in the UK, as well as Virgin Media Stores, outlets within The Carphone Warehouse, The Link, Dixons, Phones 4u, Comet, Tesco, John Lewis, Argos and Ryman plus hundreds of independent mobile phones dealers.

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Mega Pega-fest for BPM-ECM integration

The Business Process Management Life-Cycle

The BPM Lifecycle

TriTek releases ECM Connector Framework for Pegasystems SmartBPM 

ECM Plus – TriTek’s new Pega ECM Connector Framework is now available via Pegasystems’ Pega Exchange resource library. 

TriTel said that the new ECM Connector Framework enables Pegasystems’ users to integrate Pega SmartBPM with IBM FileNet Content Manager and Image Services repositories.

For a ‘no-charge’ perpetual license for Pegasystems customers, TriTek’s Connector Framework would enable enterprises to maximise the value of both products, the IBM Enterprise Content Management suites and Pegasystems SmartBPM, while mitigating the need for custom code, TriTek said.

With the new BPM-ECM integration through the Connector, PegaRULES Process Commander work objects can also be run automatically and indexed with the receipt of incoming content and for that work object to display the associated content for its entire workflow lifecycle. 

Eli Burstein, TriTek’s director of strategic alliances, said: “The Pega Exchange posting of the Connector coincides with the expansion of TriTek’s alliance with Pegasystems. Says Ben Frenkel, Principal of Platform-as-a-Service Commercialization, “We are very excited to have TriTek Solutions expand its Pegasystems relationship with its recent contribution to the Pega Exchange. We believe that the ECM Connector Framework will enhance the attractiveness of our platform as a whole, and expedite our customers’ integrations with enterprise content management systems.”

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Extensis Portfolio Server 9.5 takes to the web

Digital Media Arts Lab

Digital media arts lab: Picture - laffy4k

Web-based digital media management software ups the ante

ECMPlus – Extensis has just released the latest version of its Portfolio Server 9.5, the latest version of its digital asset management software.

The new release includes features and improvements that streamline management of large collections of digital media, Extensis said.

“In almost every company there are people responsible for maintaining collections of images and documents that need to be accessed by others,” said Davin Kluttz, Senior Product Manager at Extensis. “It’s important that these files are easily available to others, including those unfamiliar with the collection. Otherwise, time and money is lost when these files cannot be located”.

Version 9.5 makes finding digital media extremely easy by providing a central place to locate and use files via the web or Mac and Windows desktop software. This release further improves efficiency with simplified setup options and new Web Client features for viewing and selecting files.

PS 9.5 features web-based administration for setting up users, catalogues and other settings remotely. The MediaRich media-processing engine from Equilibrium included with Portfolio Server has been updated along with support for additional file and metadata formats. New features also include augmented web client, flagged items, full screen and filmstrip previews.

Portfolio Server is built on Java J2EE, Adobe FLEX, JBoss and An optional SQL Connect module, coupled with Extensis’ database, provides scalability and integration. Portfolio Server 9.5 is available in English, French, German and Japanese. Solutions start at an estimated retail price of $6,416.

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Kell surprise: All’s quiet on the server front

The Book of Kells

Queuing up for Kells: Picture Craig Murphy

Server cabinet cuts noise so C3000 Blade Servers can be used in the open office

ECMPlus – Kell Systems has just launched a new server cabinet, BladeVault C3000 Pax that reduces noise generated by HP C3000 blade servers, which can be located in any normal office space, yet still enabling it to operate at the correct temperature.

According to Kell, BladeVault C3000 Pax also removes the need for dedicated computer rooms and thus dramatically reduces costs. It houses the HP C3000 blade server in a secure, convenient tower format for use in an open office.

The cabinet is specifically designed to house HP’s C3000 blade server. In operation, the HP C3000 typically generates noise at a level of up to 85dB (equivalent to traffic noise on a busy road), which is unpleasant in a normal workplace. The BladeVault C3000 Pax reduces this to between 50dB and 65dB, or a similar level to normal speech, making the C3000 quiet enough to use under a desk in a typical office environment.

The noise reduction is achieved by passive acoustic treatment, and the C3000 Pax has no moving parts and no power requirements. The cabinet also includes a washable dust filter, which enhances the reliability and operating lifetime of a server by impeding office dust particles from entering.

In typical usage, Kell server cabinets reduce perceived server noise by approximately 90%. When compared to a server room, they reduce floor space by 90%, operating costs by 98%, and capital costs by up to 80%, the company said.

BladeVault C3000 Pax is lockable, and therefore secures servers from unauthorised removal of components and access to controls.

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Ents firm perceives need for document management

Image representing Perceptive Software as depi...
AMC taps Perceptive to improve workflow

AMC taps Perceptive to improve workflow with document management

ECM Plus – AMC Entertainment is to use Perceptive’s ImageNow document management in its accounts payable department.

The company said they would now complete ImageNow and Oracle integration that would enable creating reports for all invoices, enabling financial directors to review financial information without duplicating and distributing large paper files, particularly during audit processes.

“ImageNow will provide us with the opportunity to centralize and streamline the invoicing process” said Jennifer Regas, director of accounting systems and analysis. “ImageNow will also help reduce the amount of paper used during the invoice approval process in our Kansas City-based home office and throughout our circuit of theatres.”

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SpringCM bulks up to ride cloud content wave

Outline of a cloud containing text 'The Cloud'

Cloud enterprise content management moves apace

600% user rise sees SpringCM complete $15 million in financing ‘to continue rapid growth’

ECMPlus – SpringCM has secured $15 million in financing to extend its cloud enterprise content management platform.

According to the company, this current round of funding includes existing investors Foundation Capital and North Bridge Venture Partners. Silicon Valley Bank has also joined the ranks to provide growth capital and working capital financing.

Commenting on the new round, SpringCM CEO Chris Junker said “During the last year, customer usage of the SpringCM cloud-based content management platform has increased by more than 600%. The additional funding will aid in fueling our expansion of channel sales, partner relationships and research and development, enabling us to remain in a clear leadership position.”

Bill Elmore, general partner and founder, Foundation Capital added “Having been a part of the SpringCM team since its founding in 2005, we have seen first-hand the market opportunities that exist. SpringCM has continued to demonstrate its commitment to advancing cloud technology and has established a strong business position by achieving 100 percent growth year over year – an impressive feat in today’s economy.”

James M. Moran, general partner at North Bridge Venture Partners commented “Leading analyst firms are predicting that 10 percent of enterprise content will be managed in the Cloud by 2012, a big jump in just a few years. This presents a huge opportunity for new CEO Chris Junker and his team to continue to demonstrate SpringCM’s leadership in the market.”

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Premium content sees BiBC launch VOD NetTV

4oD: Channel4's VOD on PC service

Premium content syndicated via VOD. Picture: Catfunt

BiBC launches premium content OTT TV service for Philips

ECMPlusby Paul Quigley – BiBC, British Internet Broadcasting Company, has launched Europe’s first premium content OTT TV service to be rolled-out using Philips specially-connected TVs.

According to the company, the premium content is available in selected countries across Europe.

BiBC said its new service offers quality, premium content from networks such as ITV, Hit Entertainment, the Cartoon Network and Boomerang via their connected TV sets. Other major brand channels will become available in the next few months the firm said.

BiBC’s premium content will be available via the Philips NetTV service, giving owners a new way to access content.

These will be available as paid for subscription channels with prices starting at £2.99 per month.

The entire process is being managed by BiBC – from content ingest to billing – enabling simplicity to be built into the user experience. All subscriptions, for instance, can be easily accessed and paid for via the BiBC app using the remote control, making it easier for the user to explore the world of OTT content.

Paul Hague, Director at BiBC said: ““We have seen video-on-demand services become extremely successful over the internet, such as with the iPlayer in the UK and TF1 in France. Now, as the new wave of connected TVs launch across Europe, consumers can turn to their traditional viewing device – the TV – to enjoy their favourite content on-demand.

“For a long time the industry has been trying to integrate the delivery of traditional TV channels seamlessly with internet content in a way that ensures quality, control and brand protection.”

BiBC added that it would through other leading manufacturers later this year.

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Dashboard mashup as Software flashes MashZone

A tag cloud (a typical Web 2.0 phenomenon in i...

Tag cloud - a typical Web 2.0 phenomenon

Firm delivers enterprise business mashups with ARIS MashZone 2.0

ECM Plus – Software AG has just taken the wraps off a new version of ARIS MashZone.

According to the company, Version 2.0 supports users in different departments with creating their own management dashboards for evaluating a wide variety of data.

This data can come from different sources and be combined and visualized within just a few minutes. This gives companies a better overview of the interconnections between existing data, and allows them greater freedom in preparing key indicators and figures.

MashZone’s Web 2.0 approach supports users in developing and using dashboards as a group. The improved information exchange leads to more efficient work and faster decisions. ARIS MashZone

Version 2.0 introduces many new functions such as visualization components, users can also create their own vector maps. It also boasts threshold values that can be represented better in diagrams, as can comparisons with values from previous periods.

MashZone 2.0 is now available as an Enterprise Edition which offers greater rights management to optimise the release process for mashups. The JDBC data source and ActiveDirectory integration also simplify companywide usage. With Enterprise Edition data and information can be prepared and shared easily. The new functions cover in detail:

“After the successful launch of ARIS MashZone, we are now addressing larger companies with our Enterprise Edition. Management mashups can be generated ad hoc, published within the company easily and then developed further as a group. Dashboards created for specific situations enable users to make well-founded decisions faster and better” said Wolfram Jost, Chief Product Officer at Software AG.

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Adeptol updates mult-format doc viewer

Image representing Adeptol as depicted in Crun...

Adeptol releases V4.5 Document Viewer

Firm releases Version 4.5 document viewing platform

ECMPlus – Adeptol has just released the next version of document viewing platform. Adeptol Document Viewer.

According to the company, Version 4.5 is a high-speed high-fidelity platform enabling users to view over 300 file formats with no need to download extra plug-ins or Active-X controls.

Version 4.5 of Viewer also introduces features for developers and business users and offers better performance and loading times.

Other features include built-in text extraction engine to extract text from documents, renderer for conversion of documents to pdf, tiff, png, and other imaging formats, support for additional file types, fidelity improvements for office documents, enhanced printing capabilities and improved APIs for developers.

Adeptol CEO Prateek Kathpal said: “It is a result of close cooperation with leading partners and strong relationships with our customers, who have provided us with invaluable feedback. The new version of the product offers some unique features with an enhanced API for developers to embed the viewer within their applications easily.”

Adeptol said the new Viewer improves on its built-in self optimisation technology to get the pages directly from the server as they are being rendered and improves the load times by more than 50% over previous versions.

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Fifth column for eFileCabinet in document management makeover

eFileCabinet electronic document management updates to Version 5.0

ECMPlus – eFileCabinet has just taken the wraps off eFileCabinet Version 5.0. The latest iteration now contains features such as document-level indexing and full-text search OCR for enhanced search capabilities.

It also boasts new document retention to automatically purge, copy or archive files, workflow to streamline the exchange of documents between users, systematic file versioning to track the life span of documents and a flexible interface enabling users to import files from any program source in their native format.

Matt Peterson, president and CEO of eFileCabinet said: “Version 5.0 is our most robust and feature-rich product to date. Our new features have been designed to make eFileCabinet a ubiquitous product that will serve the needs of businesses and organizations no matter their industry. Users can now look to eFileCabinet as their sole provider to capture their data digitally, quickly and easily manage and share those files, and safely backup them up though our core services: eFileCabinet Document Management System, SecureDrawer Client Portal Service and Concentsus Online Backup .”

eFileCabinet v5.0 is available immediately directly from the company or via the its national network of VARs.

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Cincom enters UK in ECM push

Cincom logo

Cincom enters UK in ECM push

Cincom launches pioneering content management in Britain

ECMPlus – Cincom Systems will launch its Cincom ECM in the UK following its success in Europe, the company has stated.

The firm said it was time to introduce a ‘viable and affordable alternative’ that addressed next generation ECM requirements.

Cincom said it had delivered document management for over 25 years and that its ECM was developed on an open source platform.

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Ever the TWAIN: Hyland pipes in Visioneer

Photo showing the main atrium of Hyland Softwa...

Hyland Software HQ

Visioneer partners Hyland for document management automation

ECMPlus – Visioneer and Hyland have just inked a new partnership deal offering an integrated way to scan documents from Xerox DocuMate or Visioneer scanners directly into Hyland’s OnBase.

“Visioneer’s imaging products enable users to scan millions of document pages into OnBase repositories in one touch” said David Conley, director of U.S. channel sales for Hyland Software. “By partnering with Hyland Software, their current and future customers can leverage the award-winning OnBase solution to do even more with less.”

“Visioneer is the only company that provides a custom designed TWAIN interface to OnBase users across our entire product line, from $200 desktop scanners to over $5000 production scanners. Customers gain the greatest benefit when integrated hardware and software solutions are powerful, yet easy to use,” said Bill Kouzi, senior vice president of sales at Visioneer. “The strength of Hyland’s OnBase ECM solutions, coupled with Visioneer’s document imaging solutions, provides a means to regulatory compliance and efficient document capture which contributes to significant cost savings and improved business efficiencies within the healthcare market.”

Visioneer’s TWAIN technology is an interface between the scanner and the OnBase document management system that enables users to scan documents with the touch of a single button.

Once scanned, documents will enter the system in batches that are in an awaiting index state. Subsequently, users can find files based on any word or phrase in the document. Searches can also be conducted using any information stored in the electronic template that’s been applied to a document, such as key words, dates and invoice numbers. OnBase can search through millions of documents in seconds to find the exact information needed.

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HP grabs security firm to boost risk resources

ArcSight's Cupertino HQ

ArcSight's Cupertino HQ

Acquisition to widen HP’s security portfolio, monitor real-time events and threats

ECMPlus – HP has today acquired ArcSight, the security and compliance management company, for $1.5 billion.

According to HP, ArcSight’s technology was superior to theirs and will now be ‘highly complementary’ with its existing security hardware and software.

Tom Reilly, President and CEO at ArcSight said: ‘By combining ArcSight’s Enterprise Threat and Risk Management Platform with HP’s breadth of application development and operations management solutions, HP will be able to offer an integrated security platform that delivers broader visibility, deeper context, and faster remediation of enterprise wide security and risk related events. In a world where perimeter security is no longer enough, businesses need this holistic approach to securing their networks, applications and sensitive data.”

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