HP KO’s Dell in 3Par cloud handbagging

Cumulus nimbus

Cloud sourcing

Phyrric victory as $33 per share bid doubling on original offer for storage minnow outstretches Dell

ECM Plus – BY PAUL QUIGLEY — The compelling desire to do cloud has just seen HP overbid by a country mile for a small unprofitable data storage company with big ambitions.

Now, it would appear that Dell decided to walk after a relatively short struggle for supremacy. HP now has the lofty challenge of integrating the smaller firm into its wider virtualization and cloud-orientated lines-of-business which will doubtless take the largest US computer manufacturer quite some time to achieve in time for serious cloud-based investment from clients.

The hunger for cloud is set to hot up later this year with industry chatter of other storage business up for grabs and the digital cumulus nimbus craze continues. Watch this space.


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