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studio shenanigans

Studio shenanigans - Picture: katiew

wTVision launches Studio CG content management playout system for studio programmes

ECM Plus – Studio CG is designed to produce general information on-air graphics to be used in newsrooms and information programs.

According to the company, Studio CG creates lowerthirds, over the shoulders, financial reports, lineups, group boards and many different daily information charts.

The on-air content management and play-out system enable operators to manage, edit and control on-air graphics in news, sports, financial and entertainment programs.

CG can customized graphics look and feel or use the pre-packaged range of fully-integrated ready-to-use graphics. Operator can also create new graphic templates and feed them manually or automatically from different external sources.

Core products News Studio CG, Financial Studio CG and Sports Studio CG can be enhanced by adding other content modules, such as weather reports, Channel Auto Promos, polls, scorebugs, clocks and timers, sports analysis tools, among many others.


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