Apple app dev chink will make Android malfunction

The Android Emulator home screen.

Dead, or just pining for the fjords?

Apple ‘ground rules’ opening loosens stranglehold, dooms competition

ECMPlusby Paul Quigley – News that Big Stevie Jobs has decided to open the kimono on Apps for developers, albeit a limited exposure to a ‘virtual open source’ paradigm for software content and app development, is tantamount to a change in religion to the Cupertino control freakery extant until today.

The commercial upshot? Android is dead. Death by a thousand cuts, the apps will always play second fiddle to the Apple corps, and what’s more, people find iXXX sexier.

Much as when Windows apps flourished back in the day, post Windows 3.0/3.1 into Workgroup era, the floodgate for apps is about to open. Bye bye Android. Competition can be cruel.


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