Bit of awe anchor for new Vizrt IPad app

Behold the iPad in All Its Glory

Look - no hands! Watch that media luvvy's cleavage dangling into the touchscreen and change captions

Norse Intro Viz Anchor App for the iPad

ECMPlus – by Paul Quigley +++ At IBC2010, taking place at RAI Amsterdam from September 9-13, Vizrt is to release the Viz Anchor App for the iPad.

The app runs natively on the iPad and enables control over newsroom playlists, including video and graphics directly from the handheld device.

And as if that isn’t enough to whet the appetites of old gadget farts, the gussets of media luvvies, then Viz Anchor App also integrates seamlessly with existing Vizrt workflows.

It can also do a subset of Vizrt’s control applications and makes that control available on the iPad.

Apparently, with Viz Anchor App, the presenter has an updated version of the playlist available locally and can control video clips and graphics scenes without a PC or queries to the control room. Awesome. No more gallery guffawing or pulling silly faces through the glass.

This results in a more dynamic presentation with a smooth and organic flow. Top notch or what.

The Anchor App also, features an intuitive interface that takes advantage of the iPad’s capabilities, such as support for high-res video and an intuitive, touch-based interface.

Through the device’s wireless connection, the Viz Anchor App can be updated whenever the playlist changes. Thus, the presenter always has all elements of the latest playlist at their fingertips.

Vizrt also offers real-time 3D graphics and asset management tools for the broadcast industry – from animations and maps to online publishing tools.

Now when will Windows get this kind of capability. Don’t hold yer breath.


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