Ever the TWAIN: Hyland pipes in Visioneer

Photo showing the main atrium of Hyland Softwa...

Hyland Software HQ

Visioneer partners Hyland for document management automation

ECMPlus – Visioneer and Hyland have just inked a new partnership deal offering an integrated way to scan documents from Xerox DocuMate or Visioneer scanners directly into Hyland’s OnBase.

“Visioneer’s imaging products enable users to scan millions of document pages into OnBase repositories in one touch” said David Conley, director of U.S. channel sales for Hyland Software. “By partnering with Hyland Software, their current and future customers can leverage the award-winning OnBase solution to do even more with less.”

“Visioneer is the only company that provides a custom designed TWAIN interface to OnBase users across our entire product line, from $200 desktop scanners to over $5000 production scanners. Customers gain the greatest benefit when integrated hardware and software solutions are powerful, yet easy to use,” said Bill Kouzi, senior vice president of sales at Visioneer. “The strength of Hyland’s OnBase ECM solutions, coupled with Visioneer’s document imaging solutions, provides a means to regulatory compliance and efficient document capture which contributes to significant cost savings and improved business efficiencies within the healthcare market.”

Visioneer’s TWAIN technology is an interface between the scanner and the OnBase document management system that enables users to scan documents with the touch of a single button.

Once scanned, documents will enter the system in batches that are in an awaiting index state. Subsequently, users can find files based on any word or phrase in the document. Searches can also be conducted using any information stored in the electronic template that’s been applied to a document, such as key words, dates and invoice numbers. OnBase can search through millions of documents in seconds to find the exact information needed.


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