Getting in a lather over intranets

Ed Robinson, CEO & Founder, Aptimize Software.

Aptimize CEO Ed Robinson

Consumer brand behemoth taps Aptimize for intranet

ECMPlus – Intranet specialist Aptimize is giving Cussons a major boost with its internal communications strategy.

Cussons, which owns brands such as Imperial Leather has opted for web optimisation technology for its new global intranet project.

According to the company, the new intranet will act as a hub of corporate-wide communications and collaboration.

The homepage on its desk-based employees’ PCs is a SharePoint 2007 intranet which enables the firm to work in shared workspaces and read items from across the corporation on a range of topics, such as people, brands and corporate social responsibility.

Cussons will use Aptimize to accelerate delivery of intranet through content optimisation and compression.

Cussons said it had already achieved an immediate decrease in HTML requests and downloaded page size, more than halving the time it takes popular pages to load and a reduction of many gigabytes of network traffic per week.

Cusson’s Mark Cadwaladr said: ‘We knew the network and server environments we were using were world-class but we were still seeing ten second load times in some markets with slower connection speeds. That was not acceptable to us in terms of delivering a first rate experience to all. We wanted to make using our intranet as great an experience as we possibly could. We reached out to Application Performance to visit and perform a one day Proof of Concept using Aptimize. The results were pretty instantaneous convincing us that Aptimize could well be the solution we were looking for. Since launch the feedback has been universally positive, from senior management in the UK to employees in far-flung locations across the Group.”


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