Premium content sees BiBC launch VOD NetTV

4oD: Channel4's VOD on PC service

Premium content syndicated via VOD. Picture: Catfunt

BiBC launches premium content OTT TV service for Philips

ECMPlusby Paul Quigley – BiBC, British Internet Broadcasting Company, has launched Europe’s first premium content OTT TV service to be rolled-out using Philips specially-connected TVs.

According to the company, the premium content is available in selected countries across Europe.

BiBC said its new service offers quality, premium content from networks such as ITV, Hit Entertainment, the Cartoon Network and Boomerang via their connected TV sets. Other major brand channels will become available in the next few months the firm said.

BiBC’s premium content will be available via the Philips NetTV service, giving owners a new way to access content.

These will be available as paid for subscription channels with prices starting at £2.99 per month.

The entire process is being managed by BiBC – from content ingest to billing – enabling simplicity to be built into the user experience. All subscriptions, for instance, can be easily accessed and paid for via the BiBC app using the remote control, making it easier for the user to explore the world of OTT content.

Paul Hague, Director at BiBC said: ““We have seen video-on-demand services become extremely successful over the internet, such as with the iPlayer in the UK and TF1 in France. Now, as the new wave of connected TVs launch across Europe, consumers can turn to their traditional viewing device – the TV – to enjoy their favourite content on-demand.

“For a long time the industry has been trying to integrate the delivery of traditional TV channels seamlessly with internet content in a way that ensures quality, control and brand protection.”

BiBC added that it would through other leading manufacturers later this year.


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