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Server cabinet cuts noise so C3000 Blade Servers can be used in the open office

ECMPlus – Kell Systems has just launched a new server cabinet, BladeVault C3000 Pax that reduces noise generated by HP C3000 blade servers, which can be located in any normal office space, yet still enabling it to operate at the correct temperature.

According to Kell, BladeVault C3000 Pax also removes the need for dedicated computer rooms and thus dramatically reduces costs. It houses the HP C3000 blade server in a secure, convenient tower format for use in an open office.

The cabinet is specifically designed to house HP’s C3000 blade server. In operation, the HP C3000 typically generates noise at a level of up to 85dB (equivalent to traffic noise on a busy road), which is unpleasant in a normal workplace. The BladeVault C3000 Pax reduces this to between 50dB and 65dB, or a similar level to normal speech, making the C3000 quiet enough to use under a desk in a typical office environment.

The noise reduction is achieved by passive acoustic treatment, and the C3000 Pax has no moving parts and no power requirements. The cabinet also includes a washable dust filter, which enhances the reliability and operating lifetime of a server by impeding office dust particles from entering.

In typical usage, Kell server cabinets reduce perceived server noise by approximately 90%. When compared to a server room, they reduce floor space by 90%, operating costs by 98%, and capital costs by up to 80%, the company said.

BladeVault C3000 Pax is lockable, and therefore secures servers from unauthorised removal of components and access to controls.


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