More breaches signal end to ‘database state’

A medical record folder being pulled from the ...

'Database state' not fit for purpose as breaches continue

Nosy NHS employee accesses patient records 336 times – when will the NHS learn, asks Imperva

ECM Plus – An IT manager for the NHS in Yorkshire has been warned he faces jail after admitting illegally spying on medical records of patients.

Dale Trever was working for a primary care trust as a data quality manager when he accessed patient records.

It is thought he looked at records on 431 occasions, even going in on weekends to have an illicit peek. 

“Dale Trever had been accessing the information between October 2008 and June last year and worryingly has only been caught now” commented security specialist Amichai Shullman. “Just six months ago the NHS were exposed when it was found that as many as 140,000 non-medical staff, including porters and housekeepers, had access to sensitive NHS patient files.”


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