Extensis Portfolio Server 9.5 takes to the web

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Web-based digital media management software ups the ante

ECMPlus – Extensis has just released the latest version of its Portfolio Server 9.5, the latest version of its digital asset management software.

The new release includes features and improvements that streamline management of large collections of digital media, Extensis said.

“In almost every company there are people responsible for maintaining collections of images and documents that need to be accessed by others,” said Davin Kluttz, Senior Product Manager at Extensis. “It’s important that these files are easily available to others, including those unfamiliar with the collection. Otherwise, time and money is lost when these files cannot be located”.

Version 9.5 makes finding digital media extremely easy by providing a central place to locate and use files via the web or Mac and Windows desktop software. This release further improves efficiency with simplified setup options and new Web Client features for viewing and selecting files.

PS 9.5 features web-based administration for setting up users, catalogues and other settings remotely. The MediaRich media-processing engine from Equilibrium included with Portfolio Server has been updated along with support for additional file and metadata formats. New features also include augmented web client, flagged items, full screen and filmstrip previews.

Portfolio Server is built on Java J2EE, Adobe FLEX, JBoss and OpenOffice.org. An optional SQL Connect module, coupled with Extensis’ database, provides scalability and integration. Portfolio Server 9.5 is available in English, French, German and Japanese. Solutions start at an estimated retail price of $6,416.


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