Open-source cloud claws way drop by drop

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SCOP eyes up the bounty. Picture: Drew Avery

Scality Droplet: opening storage cloud with SDK bounty scheme

ECM Plus – Cloud storage specialist Scality plans to open-source its Software Development Kit (SDK) of its patented RING technology.

According to the firm, the move marks what it calls a ‘kickoff incentive’ whereby it is offering contributing developers bounties from a $100,000 fund.

Dubbed the Scality Open Source Program (SCOP), the bounty scheme, Scalify is publishing an open-source library called Scality Droplet, which makes code available for download.

Droplet, the company added, will enable developers to build apps which interface with Scality RING, with Amazon’s S3 API, and more generally, with any object storage technology, on account of Scality RING’s modular design.

Scality RING is used for applications handling very large volumes of user-generated content, such as email in the cloud or social applications, like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, the company said.

Scality Droplet’s library implements common services such as encryption, compression and large file-slicing to let application developers focus on user needs.

The contest or grant opportunity is called the “SCOP Bounty Program,” and it will enable talented developers to apply for $1,000 to $10,000 bounties from a pot of $100,000. To be eligible, the developer’s software application must be built using code freely available from the Scality Droplet library. The submission deadline is November 30, 2010.

“Our vision with SCOP is to make it as easy as possible to develop applications accessing the quality and the robustness of the object-based storage approach,” commented Giorgio Regni, CTO at Scality. “The SCOP program is win-win for all: it allows the industry to benefit from the richness of the developers’ applications while ensuring quality in storage performance and scalability. SCOP will benefit from the contributions of the developer community, and developers will get rewarded for their efforts. Scality RING, which offers a Cloud storage backend that can easily handle mission-critical and carrier-grade applications, will benefit from more applications developed with object storage approach.”

Scality RING also features high-performance SAN with low-cost. unlimited scalability of cloud computing. Scality claims that RING would guarantee storage costs are half that of other SAN- or NAS-based vendors in the same magnitude of performance and reliability. It said that any application that can talk to Amazon’s S3 API can be rolled out with Scality RING.

“The SNIA Cloud Storage Initiative (CSI) industry momentum and membership continues to accelerate with the release of its Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) standard, ongoing interoperability programs, and technical education for data storage as a cloud service” added Wayne Adams, Chairman of the SNIA Board of Directors.  “Scality as a new valued member of SNIA will further advance CSI’s deliverables with their knowledge and expertise in massively-scalable, high performance object-based cloud storage platforms and software developer programs.”


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