White paper ordains order from house content chaos

Regulatory Compliance Pyramid
Regulatory Compliance Pyramid

TCG publishes ECM white paper for housing associations

ECM Plus – Independent enterprise content management consulting specialist The Content Group has just published a new white paper on document management and information governance through ECM strategies for housing associations.  

According to TCG, housing associations are struggling to access information, with information typically stored in various forms across multiple business applications and locations.

Whilst some organisations operate capable business suites that provide efficient information governance and integrated financial, HR, payroll and housing management applications, most are still struggling to connect the wealth of supporting information that traditionally lies outside the housing association business suites, such as email, correspondence and paper, TCG said.

The white paper also discusses the use of document management internally, so that organisations can create a common interface to all business information without expensive, customised integration.

TCG said that by converting paper-based tasks into electronic format, organisations can be far more efficient, more compliant and provide the management information required to measure and improve performance.

John Chilton, Solutions Specialist at The Content Group, said: “Housing associations can use SharePoint to manage all content not contained within the existing business suite…housing associations [can] reduce the burden associated with regulatory compliance, improve customer service, enhance staff satisfaction and reduce the risk of errors and litigation.”

To obtain a copy of the white paper, visit The Content Group’s website at www.thecontentgroup.co.uk


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