Ez does it as Enterprise ECM gets on all fours

Image representing eZ Systems as depicted in C...

Enterprising times as eZ Systems goes fourth

eZ takes wraps off eZ Publish Enterprise 4.4

ECM Plus – Open source eZ Publish Enterprise has just been launched, which now claims to offer professionally-supported, maintained and packaged software that includes additional enterprise features and services.

Ez said that the new release of eZ Publish Enterprise integrates enterprise services into a service portal in its administration interface.

Version 4.4 also offers a range of features such as built-in online image editor will provide a simple and easy way for editors to perform the most common tasks of photo management in eZ Publish. New with this version, the native support for HTML5 videomakes HTML5 video feedback an off-the-shelf feature. No tricky development needed, simply reuse the HTML5 video datatype.

Publishing on new mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad is also now available.

Ez added that the administration interface improves content browsing functionality, making it easier to navigate through large sets of content. User-generated content is also possible with native support for reCaptcha, the capture service on the web, which prevents websites from bot spam. eZ Publish 4.4 improves also now offer multi-site setup and extension loading

eZ Systems claims to be ‘the world’s largest Open Source Content Management software company’ with offices in the US, Japan, France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium and Norway.

eZ Systems is the creators of eZ Publish, the enterprise-grade Open Source Web Content Management Platform, which is used by more than 200 000 websites in more than 160 countries. As the open source alternative for top tier web content management, customers include United States Navy and French Ministry of Defense, Harvard and MIT, Lagardere group, CNBC and Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, T-Mobile, France Telecom and Orange, Sparkassen, Banque Populaire and Oslo Stock Exchange.


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