Mobile content making strides

Graph depicting smartphone market share in Q2 2009

Mobile content making strides

Smartphone users outstrip non-smartphone users

ECM Plusby Paul Quigley – Research firm comScore has just released a new report on mobile application and browser usage among smartphone users

Based on data from its comScore MobiLens service, the number of smartphone users accessing mobile content through browsers and applications now surpasses that of non-smartphone users.

In the three months average ending August 2010, smartphone subscribers made up 60 percent of those who used a downloaded application and 55 percent of those who used a browser.

comScore said that the study also described the demographic profile and top content categories for smartphone subscribers accessing applications and browsers. In August, 75.6 million mobile subscribers ages 13 and older used downloaded applications, with smartphone users representing 60.4 percent, up from 43.6 percent in August 2009. For the same period, 80.8 million mobile subscribers used their browser, with smartphone subscribers comprising 55.5 percent, up from 41.4 percent a year ago.

“That smartphone owners now represent the majority of the U.S. mobile audience accessing downloaded applications and browsers represents a watershed moment in the industry” commented Mark Donovan, comScore’s senior vice president of mobile. “Although smartphones still make up less than a quarter of the U.S. mobile market, they are generating the lion’s share of mobile content consumption. With smartphones’ share of the pie destined to get greater over time, marketers and content providers should begin to shift their focus towards developing with primarily these devices in mind.”

Weather and maps represented the top content categories accessed through downloaded applications in August, used by more than one-third of U.S. smartphone subscribers. Social networking applications were used by 30 percent, while search and news applications were used by 18 percent.

According to comScore, search was the most popular category accessed through browsers, reaching 54 percent of the smartphone audience. 43 percent of smartphone subscribers accessed social networking sites via browser, followed by news (40 percent), weather (36 percent) and sports information (32 percent).


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