Mansour proffers unifying concept of knowledge management

The perception-decision-action loop of artific...

Knowledge management theories challenged

KM-WM by M.K. Mansour, Ph.D., sets forth a holistic view of knowledge management based on original theories

ECM Plus – ‘KM-WM: A New Vision Based on Conceptual Theories of Knowledge and Wisdom’ by M.K. Mansour, Ph.D., offers a re-examination of the field of knowledge management KM) and new theories about the generation of knowledge, information-sharing and decision-making within organisations.

According to Mansour, the recently-developed field of knowledge-based management suffers from fundamentally unsettled issues.

Mansour says that before practitioners implement KM, the nature and theory of the field should be explored and a unifying vision defined.

KM-WM is Mansour’s attempt to rectify the existing lack of clarity in the field by presenting a holistic vision of KM that draws on new conceptual theories and empirical research.

Mansour revisits the issues of knowledge generation and the integration of decision-making into the generative process and then advances new conceptual theories of both and offers a proposed account of the distinctive essence of knowledge management.

“I drew upon insights from the fields of business, institutional management, information management, artificial intelligence, psychology and philosophy to develop a unitary conception of KM” commented Mansour. “I also used this multi-disciplinary approach to ensure broad applicability in a variety of fields.”

Masnour posits that although knowledge management has existed as a field of study since 1995, the lack of clarity still existent in the discipline regarding some of the most basic elements inspired Mansour to write the book.

Mansour surveys existing perspectives on knowledge management, an analysis of the concepts of knowledge, data, information, wisdom and decision-making as well as proposed theories of each.

The book concludes with a clarification of knowledge management’s distinctive essence built upon the preceding theories.

‘KM-WM: a New Vision Based on Conceptual Theories of Knowledge and Wisdom’ is available at amazon.


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