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Thin Client

Image by ryan2point0 via Flickr

Wyse brings launches new mobile thin client for secure ubiquitous access to virtual desktops

ECM Plus – Wyse has launched the X50c mobile thin client with PCoIP and a new, software system for roaming access to virtual desktops.

According to Wyse, the X50c offers a secure lightweight device that can be supported remotely.

Wyse said that as organisations were seeking to support more flexible working with virtualisd environments across campuses, they wanted to deploy clients without issues of securing, managing and updating individual clients.

Wyse’s X50c mobile client is based on Wyse-enhanced SUSE Linux and is designed for secure mobile computing. According to the firm, the device is also optimised for use with the leading virtualization solutions, including VMware View 4.5. with the PCoIP display protocol.

The Wyse X50c requires no hands-on management and automatically updates and configures itself based on network settings. Weighing in at 3lbs, the X50c is built for high-quality mobile use with a powerful 1.33GHz Intel Atom processor, 11.6 inch LED backlit screen, and up to eight hours of battery power.


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