Versaly proffers content for mobile video syndication

Image representing Matthew Feldman as depicted...

Versaly President & CEO Matthew Feldman

File management and delivery issues solved enabling mobile marketing for media companies

ECM Plus – Versaly is to beta release its multi-channel B2B bulk video distribution platform for mobile video content syndication.

According to Versaly, VSP is a web-based service for “Content Distribution Management Systems” or CDMS, and, they say It is an extension of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and Content Management Systems (CMSs).

The VSP was designed with a concise workflow approach to make frequent deliveries of VOD programming content to the complex and non-standard mobile market for widespread distribution on monetised mobile video portals.

Versaly President and CEO Matthew Feldman said: “After many years of personally dealing with the complexities of distributing video to third-party revenue-generating mobile portals, we developed and are now offering our distribution solution to all mobile content providers; which will enable more content to be syndicated, which inevitably will make the overall mobile video experience better for the consumer.”

Readers interested in participating in the beta program can email including ‘beta[ in the subject line.


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