Big Blue plucks PSS Systems in compliance swoop

Image representing PSS Systems as depicted in ...

PSS Systems acquired by Big Blue

Deal acquires PSS Systems info governance capabilities

ECM Plus – Big Blue has acquired privately-held PSS Systems for an undisclosed sum

According to the company, PSS Systems’ software analyses, automates and implements information governance policies across massive amounts of electronic business information and disposess of that information in an automated way.

Big Blue said these processes were ‘critical elements to remaining responsive to legal obligations while reducing data storage costs’.

The company also stated that needlessly retaining information increases business risk, impedes the ability to respond to legal requests, and puts costs restraints on organisations in every industry.

“Together, IBM and PSS Systems can help business mitigate legal risk and reduce costs with routine information disposal,” said Deidre Paknad, CEO of PSS Systems. “Poor visibility and ad hoc controls cause companies to over-retain information and significantly overspend on information management, litigation and e-discovery.”

PSS Systems has exisitng clients such as BP, GE and Pfizer.

PSS Systems founded the Compliance, Governance and Oversight Council (CGOC), a corporate practitioner’s forum with more than 800 members. They also developed the industry leading Information Governance Process Maturity Model which includes process assessment and business case methodologies, best practice tools and delivery models for legal and IT professional.

Big Blue will add the PSS business to its existing range of Information Lifecycle Governance solutions, which include content assessment, collection, archiving, imaging, advanced classification, records management, e-discovery search and analytics as well as storage management and smart archive strategy.

PSS Systems will be folded into Big Blue’s Software Group.


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