Software AG acquires Data in truth movement

the SOA metamodel

The SOA metamodel

Software AG acquires Data Foundations for ‘one-version-of-the-truth’ for process-driven Master Data Management

ECM Plus – In a deal the German company hopes will increase business process performance by so-called ‘Master Data Management’, or MDM, Software AG has just acquired a US firm that specialises in just that.

New Jersey-based Data Foundations Inc. provides Master Data Management software, and is used to optimise organisational business performance.

According to the firm, linking business process management and MDM will reduce complexity, deliver accurate data and maximize process quality

Software said that users would then be able to gain “one version of the truth”, which, they said, was ‘a key foundation for strategic business process optimization’

MDM also promises consistent and reliable information from differing data sources, which can then be used by virtually any system, service-orientated architecture application or automated business process.

Software said that the availability of consistent data across organisation will maximise process quality and enable faster, more precise business decisions.

The company added that organisations with a single and reliable view of business critical data ‘will have laid a key foundation’ for strategic business optimisation.

According to Software, the acquisition of Data Foundations seeks to extend its webMethods product portfolios based on its strategic fit with key corporate strengths.

This, it said, included, amongst other things, ‘trong Governance focus’ as well as deep integtration capabilities and high transaction volumes.


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