SpringCM cloud ECM promises rapid roll-out

Replacement filing cabinet

From cabinets to clouds

Rapid roll-out around document-intensive processes and workflow

ECM Plus – SpringCM has released a cloud enterprise content management platform that promises to up-end the status quo.

Their cloud offering features a new user-interface and a new identity management capability. SpringCM said it had designed the cloud-based software to make user adoption faster and for corporate deployments to be simpler – for SpringCM document management and workflow applications.

According to SpringCM, more organisations are now implementing a wider range of cloud content applications. It claimed that there has been six-fold growth in customer use of SpringCM Cloud ECM solutions over the last year.

The company stated that SpringCM 2010 was designed to make it easier for customers to do broader and multiple deployments of applications, such as case management, contract management, resume management and invoice automation.

The new release now boasts more intuitive user interface that the company said could make it even simpler to use the firm’s rich document management, workflow and collaboration functionality.

Other new features on offer include enhanced identity management with LDAP synchronisation, so that enterprises can make the most of their current user-provisioning infrastructure, so as to automatically add and remove users from SpringCM.

Roger Bottum, vice president of marketing at SpringCM commented: “One of the great advantages of the cloud, or SaaS, model is customers let us know every day what’s working for them, and what’s not, by the way they use our service. We took advantage of that real-time feedback to deliver a new user interface that makes it even simpler to quickly configure, roll-out, and use SpringCM, whether it’s to ten users, or ten thousand users.”


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