MPs lambast unauthorised data breach

Mass content mis-management collection awakens threats to invasion of privacy laws

According to reports, MPs are furious at attempts by search engine giant Google to hoover up private wi-fi data.

A BBC report quoted MP Robert Halfon who is questioning Google’s insistence that the details were sucked up by Street View cars as a result of code being ‘accidentally included in the software’.

He said: “I find it hard to believe that a company with the creative genius and originality of Google could map the personal wi-fi details, computer passwords and e-mail addresses of millions of people across the world and not know what it was doing,” he said.

Another MP, Mark Lancaster, cited the case of a women’s refuge in his constituency which had demanded to be removed from Street View.

“Imagine their great concern when on entering the name of the organisation on Google, a picture of the building the refugees use and also their addresses appear on the search engine” Lancaster stated. 

Speaking in a two-hour session in the House of Commons, Lancaster added that the requests to remove the refuge from the map had received ‘no response’.

Said Lancaster: “I find it staggering that such an invasion of privacy on an organisation whose purpose is to protect others is allowed to occur” he said.

Halton added: “My own feeling is that this data was of use to Google for commercial purposes and that is why it was done.”


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