SSD storage set to smash status quo

Photo of SATA ports on a motherboard

SATA ports - now open for SSDs

Magnetic hard drive players quake as SSD format takes hold

ECM Plus – Solid state drive pioneer Foremay has just launched new slim SSDs with standard 1.8″ micro SATA SSD interfaces.

According to the firm, the 5mm SSD is small in size but has high-speed and high-capacity. With read/write speeds of 280 MB/s, random read/write IOPS at 4KB up to
30,000/15,000, and jumbo capacity up to 400GB, the thin SSD is the fastest SSD in a 1.8″ form factor, and it is capable of being deployed not only in high end laptops, but also in industrial PC, HPC and enterprise servers.

“The length of our new 1.8″ SATA SSD is actually 7mm less than an American Express credit card,” said Jason Hoover, Foremay’s VP Marketing. “By offering both commercial and industrial operating temperatures, the 1.8″ SATA SSD empowers design engineers with great flexibility and easy use for designing the next generation of slim and compact size computers for commercial, enterprise and industrial

In additional to the 5mm SSD offered with its SC199 and EC188 product families, Foremay also is offering a similar design in an even thinner model with its OC177 product family that has a thickness of only 3.3 mm.

Applications of the slim 1.8″ SSD include rugged laptops, UMPCs and tablet PCs, industrial / Embedded PCs, high End Commercial Laptops and PCs, handheld video/audio recorders and entertainment systems.

The slim 1.8″ micro SATA SSD drives are now shipping in volume with Foremay’s SC199, EC188 and OC177 product families. The SC199 features industrial operating temperatures, a 5mm thickness, and metal housing; the EC188 is for commercial operating temperatures with a 5mm thickness and metal housing; and the OC177 features a 3.3 mm thick housing-free design for both commercial and industrial
operating temperatures.


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