Esker auto-doc nails order-to-cash for ED&S

A stack of manila paper.

Farewell then, paper

Intenal processes upgrade waves goodbye to paper

ECM Plus – Esker has just announced a new win that saw client ED&S automate its entire ‘Order-to-Cash’ process by getting rid of its paper-based documents.

According to the company, it has now managed to improve its accuracy and speed of the order entry process and is to also progress to accounts receivable processes as well as automating invoice delivery.

ED&S said hitherto it had been using large amounts of paper within its invoice process, which meant that there were specific areas that could be improved by eliminating the paper such as; automating manual effort, updating internal processes, eliminating delivery errors and accelerating cash collection.

Esker said that when orders were placed with ED&S the invoices would be printed out, then manually sorted and batched (according to each individual customer), folded, stuffed into envelopes and finally franked for delivery by postal mail. This meant that the whole invoice delivery process from the time it took to produce the final document to the time it was received by the customer was very slow.

Manual processes could also be open to errors occurring from misplaced batching which could lead to possible invoice disputes. This impacted both internal productivity and supplier relations.

ED&S has used Esker’s on-demand software to improve the processing of its supplier invoices. Esker on Demand was a simple pay-as-you-go model that enabled ED&S to avoid the high costs of implementing expensive in-house applications or having to take up vital resources of existing staff in order to deliver the business critical documents to their customers.

ED&S invoice files are sent directly from their SAP enterprise resource planning application to the ‘on Demand’ production facility at Esker where a hosted rule automatically receives, batches and intelligently reads the way in which the invoices are to be delivered to the ED&S customer. ED&S required the invoices to be sent via a mix of both postal mail and email at the customer’s request but are proactively promoting the adoption of 100% electronic invoicing.

The ability to easily migrate from manual paper-based invoice delivery to electronic invoice delivery led to a number of benefits to improve the Order to Cash process:

Emmanuel Olivier, Chief Operating Officer at Esker said “We have been delighted to be able to continue working with ED&S to further eliminate paper-based processes from their Order to Cash cycle. Esker prides itself on reducing the inefficient non-value add that paper documents cause within business processes and ED&S have always been very proactive in this area to maximise the benefits that can be gained”.


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