Alterian motive updates ECM suite Version to 6.3

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Alterian Content Manager. Picture adept_yho

Latest Content Manager – Corporate Edition 6.3 boasts raft of new features

ECM Plus – Alterian has launched its latest version of Corporate Edition web content management system, dubbed Content Manager.

Now available in Corporate, Professional and Enterprise flavours, Alterian boasts advanced web content management tools.

Alterian said that CMC 6.3 suite consists of enhancements to Content Manager, Web Asset Manager, Sharepoint Connector and Taxonomy and Categorization Manager.

Other features include support for Windows Server 2003 and 2008 (x86), as well as Windows Server 2008 (x64) environments; full support for SharePoint 2010; new permission levels to provide Page Locking and User Locking privileges to non-system administrators; editor changes including Find-and-Replace features within Source Code and changes to Javascript handling; the CMC Plug-in Installer now allows installation of Multiple Plug-ins into Multiple Sites at the same time.

Arjen van den Akker of Alterian said. “Our aim is to provide a collaborative and dynamic approach to web publication and version 6.3 is the evolution of Alterian’s product offering.”

Alterian said it had also improved a number of CMC plug-ins, which have been included in the v6.3 suite. CMC v6.3 is available from Alterian’s web content management partners.


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