CMS gets flash as storage gets encrypted

USB Flash Drive Coins

Protecting your assets

Firm offers high-capacity secure encrypted flash drives

ECM Plus – by Paul QuigleyCMS Products has just launched the Secure Encrypted Flash Drive line to include capacities up to 128 gigabytes, using AES 256-bit encryption to ensure maximum data security protection.

CMS Products said the new drives are compliant with the HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and Gramm-Leach-Biley (GLB) standards.

According to the firm, secure encrypted flash drives enables the securely protection of data stored on USB flash drives. The drives will be available in capacities up to 128GB. Drives are bus-powered and the AES 256-bit encryption is pre-loaded and resident on the drive.

“Our customers demand high levels of capacities without sacrificing the performance and security of the flash products that we develop” commented CMS Products President Ken Burke. “The Secure Encrypted Flash Drive is a valuable asset for those users who need their data to be portable, yet completely safe and unable to be accessed by unauthorized people.”

CMS Products’ Secure Encrypted Flash Drives also support a screen-displayed virtual keyboard to defeat keyloggers, complex password structures, a lock down feature in the event of multiple incorrect password entries and the ability to add up to two administrative passwords for helpdesk support. Encryption and decryption of the data is performed on the host system.

Secure Encrypted Flash Drives leave no trace of data on the computer when a flash drive is removed and is instantly locked and fully secure upon removing the flash drive from the USB port. Support is provided for Windows 7, Vista and XP as well as Windows Server 03 (R2) & 08 (R2). Drives are available in capacities from 4GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64 and 128GB.


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