Plextor proffers PX-NAS4 in network attached storage foray

Visual differentiation of NAS vs. SAN use in n...

Visual differentiation of NAS vs. SAN use

Secure, Safe & Speedy: The Plextor PX-NAS4 Device


ECM Plus – Plextor has just launched the PX-NAS4 network-attached storage (NAS) device for high-performance digital media offering massive storage capacity with fast data access, high security and reliability.

The PX-NAS4 offers high security, excellent reliability and massive storage space

The new NAS box also features dual LAN ports for faster data access and has up to 8 Terabytes of storage capacity across 4 Hot-Swappable drive bays.

Plextor said the new NAS was DNLA 1.5 Compliant and features iSCSI for network sharing, secure data with password protection and encryption, as well as multiple disk configurations, and, a spare bay for replacement if a disk fails

The PX-NAS4 also has a snapshot backup utility which provides for mirror-image back-ups of data.

As far as data access and sharing across networks is concerned, the PX-NAS4 boasts dual-LAN ports to deliver a massive bandwidth with data access speeds of up to 2Gbps. The device will enable digital media to be shared or streamed to compatible devices, with a suitable router connection.

With the added convenience of iSCSI, the PX-NAS4 can also be used for sharing and supporting network storage over existing installations.

Using four hot-swap drive bays, the PX-NAS4 offers 8TB of data storage space and can be expanded using the built-in 2 x eSATA and 2 x USB ports for external hard drive connections.

Plextor said that data stored on the PX-NAS4 is secure from unwanted access via password-protection and advanced volume encryption using AES 256 encryption. Added back-up options include multiple disk configurationsm, such as RAID5 or RAID10. The Sot Backup Utility is bundled with the device, offering backup which that takes a mirror-image of the current state of the NAS, to protect and safeguard data.

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