In the air tonight: WebDAV sees red

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WebDAV does wireless OTA document management

MicaRed releases OverTheAir V1.4 WebDAV-based app


ECM Plus – MicaRed has just released OverTheAir 1.4, a WebDAV client for iPhone and iPad that supports AirPrint, iOS 4.2’s new feature that users can wirelessly print files with compatible printers.

According to MicaRed, OverTheAir is a file viewing app for iPhone and iPad that enables the viewing of files in cloud-based remote file sharing services, such as Dropbox and MobileMe, as well as WebDAV servers of businesses and individuals.

OverTheAir files can be viewed anywhere without a person’s own PC.

Version 1.4 supports AirPrint whereby users can print files they view via AirPrint compatible printers. OverTheAir is a free app and available through the App Store. OverTheAir supports iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch with iOS 3.0 or higher.


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