Iceland’s BrandRegard venture heralds spirit of Fjallkonan

This engraving shows "the woman of the mo...

Icelands's Fjallkonan

Icelandic new business venture fund invests in Transmit


ECM Plus – Icelandic New Business Venture Fund has invested in the software development company Transmit, and now owns 30.6% of the company.

According to the venture partners, Transmit’s aim is to become a market leader in providing on-demand software for managing digital marketing- and brand assets.

Transmit said its product, Brand Regard, is a web-based software solution that enables companies to maximize the potential of their most valuable asset: Their brand. It is a low cost, low risk brand asset management solution that helps companies convey their brand and make sure it is communicated effectively and consistently to its customers.

Helga Valfells, CEO of the New Business Venture Fund:
“We are very pleased with our investment in Transmit. We have much faith in the company and in the team behind Brand Regard. For us as investors, it is also very positive that Transmit has already made inroads in its marketing efforts in the UK which confirms both the market’s demand for their product and the company’s growth potential.”

Geir Freysson, CEO of Transmit added: “With Brand Regard, Transmit aims to seize a significant, new opportunity that has emerged in the digital asset management market. This investment in our company will allow us to move quickly in capitalizing this opportunity. We look forward to working with the New Business Venture Fund, and its involvement in our company is a great recognition in the progress we have already made.” 


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