Sky’s the limit as celum lofts IV.8


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New version IV.8 proffers print and web enhancements, cloud offering


ECM Plus – Austrian digital media management specialist celum has just released Version IV.8 of IMAGINE, SWIFT, DYNAMO, and MOVIS, which now boasts Improved support for print and web assets, as well as greater user-friendliness, while also expanding functionality and integration, as well as support for third-party solutions,

celum DYNAMO’s content access API makes it possible to automate any digital content. It can be used in database publishing and to automatically generate documents from 3rd party systems.

“celum remote publishing solutions are renowned for controlling workflows and its user-friendly interface. Our web-to-print solution celum DYNAMO simplifies the process of editing layouts and ensures brand-compliant usage. Document creation, review and approval processes, as well as print jobs are all automatically started and controlled from a customized user interface”, states Michael J. Kraeftner, celum CEO. “We are proud to announce a set of important enhancements for brand and marketing automation with celum IV.8.”

MARMIND by UPPER Network, an online marketing project planning software, integrates with celum to make editing and distributing all kinds of digital media assets, from photos and graphics to videos and presentations, easier. With celum on board, MARMIND is the solution for all your marketing needs.

With celum IV.8, the HELIOS asset conversion integration brings important functionalities to pre-press production. IV.8 now supports even more formats and offers even more flexibility in the production of high-end output. The HELIOS integration also allows users to easily implement a clean color workflow and add digital watermarks to images.

Whether you need to share large EPS files or convert to other file formats, celum products ensure perfect results every time.

Unfortunately, using high resolution images online still seems to be unnecessarily expensive and time consuming. By integrating NeptuneLabs’ FSI Viewer, celum removed time and cost from the equation. celum users are now able to preview images in full resolution and can magnify image sections and objects from different angles, or even in different states, without needing to install a browser plug-in.

“celum desktop tools are indispensible when it comes to keeping down network traffic within your company. Everyone is used to dealing with long upload and download times; with celum desktop tools, speed and reliability improve significantly, saving you time and money”, Michael J. Kraeftner explains.
celum integrates seamlessly and completely in the most important desktop applications for creative processes─Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, QuarkXPress─as well as Microsoft Office. celum IV.8 also supports Adobe CS5 and MS Office 2010.

Integrating celum‘s IV.8 media asset management with Microsoft’s SharePoint 2010 gives users the best of both worlds. celum acts as the central digital asset receptacle for the office─through SharePoint─as well as for external agencies.

Reap the benefits of a user-friendly interface, adjustable user rights, management of high resolution images and 3D content, a clean color workflow, simple file conversion, a powerful web-to-print solution, and native integration with Adobe CS5, QuarkXPress and Microsoft Office 2010 by ordering celum IV.8 today! To see our software in action, request a web show at

Michael Kräftner, CEO at celum said: “We are proud to be the first to offer a highly professional DAM solution, in the cloud, with no reduced functionality. is no austerity package: it gives you all the features expensive, locally installed software offers and is the perfect solution for temporary or location-independent projects.”

celum said: “With DAM in the cloud you avoid wasting time on system maintenance and enhancement. A software installation is no more necessary — is easily accessed through your web browser. Celum provides hassle-free, state-of-the-art technology so you can worry about more important things.

The company added: “You can modify your for optimal integration into individual work environments with up to four different modules. Allowing you to work on the go, upload images directly from Adobe Creative Suite, integrate rich content into your Microsoft Office documents, or benefit from controlled workflows. integrates perfectly into the latest office solutions, from Microsoft Sharepoint, to PIM and eCommerce.” runs on cutting-edge, user-friendly celum technology, and at EUR 19.00 per user (I GB storage included). Monthly it can be customized to fit your needs – increase the amount of storage, add users, or activate new modules.


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