Power of ECM helps states control costs

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Enterprise content management can help states meet constrained budget demands

ECM Plus – Enterprise content management will once again be an important means for state governments to control costs in tight budgetary times, according to a new list published by the National Association of State Chief Information Officers NASCIO.

Document, content and records/email management was ranked among the top ten tools identified by the CIOs surveyed.

The list, entitled ‘State CIO Priorities for 2011’ stated that the management of information and data will play an important role in helping state CIOs make their budgets.

It said that the management of information and data was a strategic priority for CIOs and also stated that digitalisation, storage, preservation policies and the subsequent search for that information would be essential for organisations.

“The economic crisis has made Enterprise Content Management (ECM) projects an important strategic priority for any IT department” commented Julio Olivares, CEO of DocPath Corp., a company specializing in manufacturing document software. “Its ability to automate tasks, increase the efficiency of internal processes and obtain a quick return on investment has been the key factors that have ensured the success of such projects.”

Despite cuts in IT budgets, more than 25 percent of organizations worldwide have chosen a project related to document technology in 2010, the report found.

DocPath said there were five ways that organisations can benefit from implementing ECM technology in 2011: increase productivity: One of the first consequences of an ECM project is the automation of processes that do not constitute the core of the company’s business, even though they might represent a high proportion of the company’s resource allocation. When automating these tasks, companies can expedite the internal organization and improve external response times.

Business managers are increasingly demanding that their systems departments adopt technologies that help them reduce costs. Document software allows companies to reduce printouts by 30 percent, release up to 99 percent of storage space and reduce excessive paper consumption and its associated costs.

 Securing information: Information is one of the main assets of any organization. Protecting it is essential to ensure the continuity of a company and prevent certain information from falling into the wrong hands. Document software technology allows the safeguarding of one of the most problematic issues regarding the security of an organization: the exchange of information with third parties and controlled access to documents of the company.

 Organisations and companies interact with their stakeholders through documents and it is that documentation, among other things, that helps to project an image and identity. With document software, organizations can design professional documents and then send them through various channels, thereby accelerating response times.

Rapid ROI: Document software projects can create a quick return on investment for any organization that adopts them. Initial results are visible within weeks and the up-front investment takes only a few months to be completely returned.


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