Barebones CMS goes open source

Screenshot of a web browser with OpenLayers

Web browser with open layers

High-performance, easy website design and content management for team environments 


ECM Plus – CubicleSoft has just release Barebones CMS, which the company claims is a high-performance, open source content management system for web developers operating in a team environment.

According to CubicleSoft, Barebones CMS 1.0 was created after discussions with industry professionals, which, they claim, revealed a desire for a CMS that they could use to create mostly static websites easy for their clients to edit.

The company further stated that Barebones CMS has many desirable enterprise-level features, such as, a cacheing system that never gets in the way of designing a site. It also boasts a high-performance page serving – Barebones CMS served up to 1,700 pages per second during performance tests. It has a multilingual support system to allow translators to communicate with the rest of the team. Also, it boasts a revision system that can cut development and hardware costs for the organization.

Apparently, the company says, the product makes it possible to create an entire website without ever leaving the web browser: Programmers can write PHP code in the browser. Web designers can create and edit layouts using HTML and CSS in the browser. And Content Editors can edit content in the browser. Barebones CMS can eliminate the need for FTP clients and external text editors. That, in turn, can save time and money for businesses.

Barebones CMS is an open source product. It is dual-licensed under both the MIT and LGPL licenses and is free for both personal and commercial use. Financial donations to the project go toward future development.  Barebones CMS is available from


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