Wmode moves in on monetisation

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Multi-dimensional monetization affiliate commerce exchange to monetise and federate gateway for mobile value chain.


ECM Plus – Wmode’s new ACE platform builds on its existing billing and payments technologies for wireless carriers, the company said, by expanding the service offering to include mobile service providers, app providers, and content providers.

According to Wmode, organisations are able to connect together, enabling commerce between them and end-users, by providing a suite of app store functionality.

Some of the platform’s highlighted functions include: identity management, subscription management, payment processing and settlements, affiliate merchandising, analytics and reporting.

The ACE Identity Management features include federated IDs across multiple applications, a common user authentication platform, and a digital locker, Subscription Management incorporates service access control and end-user self-serve management, while Payments and Settlements focuses on settlements of transactions between multiple parties, flexible billing, eWallet, virtual currency, stored value services, and incorporating loyalty programs. The Affiliate Merchandising engine contains bundling, promotions, coupon codes, affiliate codes, dynamic business models, app discovery services, and many other techniques that enable users to find and sign up for suites of apps. Finally, Analytics and reporting includes tracking, data mining and transactional reporting of all services and applications.

Terry Hughes, head of market development at Wmode said: “Today’s app stores typically have a limited set of relationships between the store provider, the merchant and the end user; ACE enables multiple parties to connect together to integrate, bundle, price, deliver, collaborate and innovate, knowing that the complexities of payments, tracking, reporting, analytics and fulfillment are being taken care of. To deliver this, ACE leverages some of the ICT industry’s best-of-breed technologies including digital authentication, federated ID management, subscription services, advanced payment processing and settlement tools, and affiliate marketing systems.”

Wmode said ACE is targeted to help wireless carriers, app store providers, major brands, and service providers who want to monetize interconnected and complex mobile value chain.


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