Taming the SharePoint ‘site creation monster’

SharePoint Foundation 2010 Lo nuevo.

SharePoint Foundation 2010

SharePoint site provisioning and governance assistant for SharePoint 2010 tames ‘site-creation monster’

ECM Plus – SharePoint Solutions has just released its new SharePoint Site Provisioning and Governance Assistant (SPGA) for SharePoint 2010, an add-on which ebables administrators to control the creation, provisioning and approval of SharePoint 2010 sites whilst enabling users to select the type of site they need.

According to the company, SPGA tames the “site-creation monster” as it is helpful for companies and organisations that regularly provide SharePoint 2010 sites and need a way to empower users to create sites while ensuring that the organisation’s SharePoint 2010 standards are adhered to.

‘Users are happy because their requests are handled quickly and efficiently, and administrators are happy because order is maintained and chaos is eliminated’ said’Jeff Cate, president of SharePoint Solutions.

With SPGA, administrators set all the boundaries on the front end, including workflow for approvals. Then, when a user fills out the site request form, he or she sets into motion an automated set of processes that quickly and automatically approve, create and provision the site. Company standards and site uniformity are maintained because they are “baked” into the profile in advance.

As both a site-provisioning tool and a governance tool, SPGA allows IT professionals to: maintain the integrity of an organization’s SharePoint 2010 taxonomy; enforce governance policies. bake” exactly what is wanted into SharePoint 2010 site request profiles; provide users with an easy way to request SharePoint sites or groups of sites
Specify different site request profiles for different sites or groups of sites; automate an organization’s approval process for requesting new SharePoint sites; monitor and track site requests.


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