Sitecore releases CMS 6.4 to boost marketers’ muscle

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Sitecore CMS 6.4 enables design, development and marketing to create better campaigns and web experiences with fewer resources

ECM Plus – Sitecore has released a newer version of its CMS that gives marketers, and their diverse support teams, more capability to create and monetise campaigns and web experiences.

“No matter how powerful a CMS solution, if cross-functional teams can’t intuitively use the system, marketing campaign results and Web experiences will suffer” said Darren Guarnaccia, senior vice president product marketing, Sitecore. “That’s why Sitecore has dedicated itself to developing a world-class user interface that is powerful and simple to learn. Based on iterative feedback from the Sitecore community, we made significant strides in usability with features that anticipate how marketers think and work.”

Sitecore CMS 6,4 authoring interface has new inline editing and page management features which make it easy to alter website content and layout.

Marketers and business users can move and present features such as polls, marketing forms and other content and interactive elements without relying on specialised design and development teams.

The time and resources for creating and publishing Web content and marketing campaigns is significantly reduced.

Sitecore’s browser-based editor lets users author and manage digital interactions from web pages to sophisticated mobile experiences in a simple unified interface.

Editors can work in the browser of their choice as the latest release includes support for Firefox others as well as continued support for Internet Explorer.


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