Cloud goes into interstellar overdrive with C12G’s partner programme

A diagram showing the scale of cloud computing...

Diagram showing scale of cloud computing

Partners can build, promote and sell cloud offerings in cahoots with C12G Labs


ECM Plus – OpenNebula open-source toolkit specialist C12G Labs has just unveiled a new partner programme to help develop strong business alliances with partners that understand cloud technology and its applications.

According to C12G Labs, it willprovide its partners with a customisable and flexible cloud management technology and the professional services to create novel cloud offerings and speed up their delivery to users.

The company said that the main objective of its partner programne would be to align developments and technologies to meet customer’s needs as well as to bolster support for the design and development of joint cloud products and services.

Three types of partnerships are offered, including ‘channel partners’ authorised to sell solutions and products that use OpenNebulaPro; ‘service partners’ are authorised to offer integration and consulting services around OpenNebulaPro as well as utility services based on OpenNebulaPro; as well as ‘technology partners’ who can provide a technology, product or service that complements OpenNebula and are also uthorised to advertise their compatibility.

C12G Labs added that the partner programme would combine deep software and service discounts with training, technical, integration and certification support to help partners create value.

Copies of the C12G Labs partner programme guides can be requested from


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