e-Spirit goes cloud with novel SaaS web content platform

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Content managment sniffs SaaS and cloud apps

FirstSpirit launches AppCenter for Integration of Web applications into the content management system, focus on workflow optimisation for editors

ECM Plus – e-Spirit’s new AppCenter for content management system FirstSpirit is the only solution on the market supporting the straightforward interface integration of virtually all web applications whether from cloud and SaaS environments, or from the desktop directly into the CMS.

According to the firm, this results in a whole new experience for online editors, since applications that were previously used separately are now available right in FirstSpirit with the accustomed interface and functionality and can be used directly in the CMS.

Editors no longer have to keep switching between many different programs in order to transfer content from other applications to the CMS or to conduct information research. This makes the editing processes faster and more efficient – with thousands of different applications.

e-Spirit’s said AppCenter could provide infrastructure for the integration of all types of web applications that makes the daily work of editors easier. This new FirstSpirit functionality allows editors to use key programs they are accustomed to directly in the FirstSpirit JavaClient, rather than outside the CMS which was the case previously.

Online image databases, image editing, video and web analysis services are examples of its use. The programs are opened using a simple one-click request in the CMS. Thanks to seamless integration with the applications, data are displayed in the CMS and can be used, edited and subsequently published on a website, intranet or any other channel. Text, images, audio and video files, road maps, product information etc. can be comfortably processed in the FirstSpirit editor interface regardless of the source and with media continuity. Prior to deployment, the layout in various output channels can be verified in the WYSIWYG preview.

“The FirstSpirit AppCenter opens up new horizons to companies for the optimization of their content management processes” commented Jörn Bodemann, CEO of e-Spirit. “It represents the continuation of our best-of-breed strategy to the Cloud: We allow companies to seamlessly integrate the applications they need into FirstSpirit so that editors can simply continue using their favorite programs in the CMS. Not only does this result in enhanced usability, it also improves the efficiency of editing processes and thereby leads to measurable savings for companies.”

AppCenter is based on the powerful web browser integration in the JavaClient which was already established in FirstSpirit. AppCenter API is suitable for integration into the editing interface of existing applications, new development, customer-specific programmes and third-party software based on different technology platforms, including web applications, platform-independent Java applications, operating system-independent native applications like Mozilla Firefox, or complex RIA applications such as Flash, AIR and Silverlight.

In combination with cloud and SaaS services, e-Spirit said that FirstSpirit AppCenter also supports the integration of complex applications that cannot be operated in-house due to extensive hardware requirements, maintenance and licensing costs such as with video transcoding, the company said.


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