Intel touts 10GbE data centre strategy for Cloud 2015

10 gigabit router

10 gigabit router topology

Intel simplifies data centre tech for 10GbE accelerated cloud roll-out


ECM Plus – Chip behemoth Intel’s data centre aspirations took another step this week as it introduces a new technology that it says will enable data centre traffic to run over a single cable – using an Intel 10 Gigabit Ethernet server adapter of the X520 family.

Intel said that its unified networking would enable IT departments to create what is dubbed ‘superhighways in virtualized data centers’ by consolidating multiple data and storage networks onto just one 10GbE network.

Apparently, this cable consolidation can further help reduce IT spend by $3 billion a year, Intel claimed, and that the 400 million feet of  cabling strewn around the data centres of the world would be enough to wrap around the Earth three times. Not quite sure why anyone would want to do that, but Intel seems to think global bondage by cable is a worthy cause. Takes all sorts.

Futhermore, said Intel, its high-speed unified data centre network topology is also a ‘cornerstone’ of itds Cloud 2015 ‘vision’ and its Open Data Center initiativeannounced last October.

“What’s frustrating for IT managers is that most of the data center dollars are spent on infrastructure costs, not on innovation” commented Kirk Skaugen, vice president and general manager for data center group for Intel. “Expanding Intel Ethernet to include Open FCoE will help simplify the network and drive more of the IT budget toward innovation. We think IT departments can lower infrastructure costs by 29 percent, reduce power by almost 50 percent and cut cable costs by 80 percent by moving to a unified network.”

The company said that its Open FCoE integrates capabilities into the operating system to deliver full unified networking without the need for additional expensive, proprietary hardware. IT departments, it said, could then use common management tools for server network and storage connectivity while integrating seamlessly with existing Fibre Channel environments.

“Server virtualization and converged storage networking, based on a shared 10 Gigabit Ethernet fabric, are key ingredients for a cost-effective infrastructure” added Paul Brown, vice president and general manager of Storage Networking Business, for EMC. “Achieving EMC E-Lab qualification is a gold standard in our industry for server, networking and storage interoperability. The extensive work done to qualify and validate the Intel Ethernet Server Adapter X520 will give our customers confidence that the product will integrate seamlessly with the EMC Symmetrix VMAX and EMC VNX family of storage products.”


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